Articles on antisemitism and the
Arab-Israeli conflict


·        "What is the Israeli government doing?"

·        "What is the Arab League hoping to achieve?"

"Should Jews support Kosovo independence?"

"To see where Israel is headed, visit Kosovo"

"The faulty Jewish immune system"

"Al Fatah's Nazi training was CIA-sponsored"

"Why do Israeli leaders lie about Fatah/PLO?"


Will there soon be an anti-
Jewish genocide in Israel?

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"Hamas vs. Fatah: A curious ‘fight’ "
What if Hamas and Fatah are not really enemies?

plus INR interview

"Why do Israeli leaders betray the Jews?"
Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva) interviews Dr. Francisco Gil-White

"Why hatred of Jews?"
Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva) interviews Dr. Francisco Gil-White

"Is the US an Ally of Israel?"
Norwegian magazine Argument interviews Francisco Gil-White

PLO murders US diplomats; US State Department protects...the PLO!


An HIR Series

<  Who attacked Israel?


21 July 2006

<  What is Hezbollah?


 22 July 2006

<  What caused the war?


 23 July 2006

<  Understanding the US Position | 1


 24 July 2006

<  Understanding the US Position | 2


1 August 2006

< The meaning of the Arab reaction


 25 July 2006

< Who is killing Lebanese civilians? | 1


26 July 2006

< Who is killing Lebanese civilians? | 2


 1 August 2006

< What is wrong with the media? | 1


 8 August 2006

< What is wrong with the media? | 2


  20 August 2006

< Why Jewish patriots should
thank Hezbollah


20 August 2006

< The antechamber to genocide


9 October 2006


On the importance of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva
Followed by INR's Rabbi Tovia Singer's interview of
Francisco Gil-White

On the supposed ‘about face’ of some anti-Israeli historians (Benny Morris and Nathan Weinstock)
Perhaps it is not what it seems.

An HIR Series, in four parts

1.  Was Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th c. fundamentally different from the European variety?

2. Was there, in British Mandate Palestine, a ‘nationally conscious’ ‘Palestinian Arab people’?

3.  Did the Zionist Jews take something away from the Arabs in British Mandate 'Palestine'?

4.  How did the 'Palestinian movement' emerge? The British sponsored it. Then the German Nazis, and the US.

The CIA protected Adolf Eichmann, architect of the Holocaust
Has the US ruling elite been pushing a pro-Nazi policy?

Antisemitism is everywhere in the mass media
Sometimes it is relatively subtle...

An HIR series, in six parts

0. THE CRISIS OF 1933: In 1933, ordinary Jews all over the world banded together and came within an inch of destroying the Hitler regime. They did not fail. Their leaders failed them.

1. How the mainstream Jewish leadership failed the Jewish people in World War II

2. How mainstream Diaspora Jewish leaders are failing the Jewish people today

3. What is the problem with the Israeli ruling elite? Is it stupidity? Or is it something else?

4. Labor Zionist leaders during the Holocaust, actions and responsibility.

4.5 The Devil’s Advocate: Refuting Anna Porter's defense of Rudolf Kastner in “Kasztner’s Train”

5. How Jewish piety sabotages Jewish self-defense.

On the Orwellian use of the terms ‘left’ and ‘right.’
And on the dangers therein to Israeli politics.

"The Israel Lobby"
Reply to Mearsheimer & Walt

What is Seeds of Peace?
Does this US Intelligence operation groom young Arab leaders who want peace with Israel, or who wish to destroy Israel?

The modern "Protocols of Zion"
How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII

Los Modernos "Protocolos de Sión"
Cómo los medios de masa propagan hoy día la misma propaganda que causó mas de 5 millones de muertes judías en la Segunda Guerra

Is the US an ally of Israel?
A chronological look at the evidence

What is AIPAC for?
Does the so-called 'Jewish Lobby' produce pro-Israeli US foreign policy, or the opposite?

Can Israel survive if it does not defend itself?
The Jewish people must come to grips with their radical opposition to self-defense

A skeptical look at the Ford Foundation
Does its Nazi past matter?

How to save Israel
Israeli patriots, and ordinary US citizens, must be made aware of who Israel's ultimate enemy is: the US ruling elite

Mahmoud Abbas means to destroy Israel
He is the author of the Oslo strategy as a Trojan Horse to destroy the Jewish state

With the world upside down, is it still possible to stick your head in the sand?
Realities are inverted in the media, making it impossible for people to think straight about the Arab-Israeli conflict

Was There a Massacre at Deir Yassin?
The pro-PLO camp says yes; the historical documentation says otherwise

The Road to Jenin
The Racak “massacre” hoax, and those whose honesty it places in doubt: Helena Ranta, NATO, the UN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Associated Press, and Human Rights Watch.