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With the world upside down, is it still possible to stick your head in the sand?

Historical and Investigative Research - 14 July 2005
by Francisco Gil-White


First published in Israel National News

On 7 July, 2005, The Australian reported the following:

"Israel will deploy 40,000 troops and police in order to deal with Palestinian militants and Israeli right-wingers who may attempt to interfere with the evacuation of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip next month.

"The announcement came as Israeli President Moshe Katsav warned that Jewish extremists opposed to the Gaza pullout could assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."[1]

The Australian calls them "Israeli right-wingers." But what is "right-wing"?

Ethnic cleansing and genocide are extreme right-wing policies. A relevant case: when the Nazis exterminated the European Jews.

Those who carry out extreme right-wing policies are extreme right-wing people. A relevant example: Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, one of Adolf Hitler's top Final Solution lieutenants, who did his part to get 400,000 Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz, and who organized Bosnian Muslim SS divisions that participated in the mass murder of Serbs, Jews and Roma (Gypsies) in Yugoslavia.

If we agree so far on the meaning of "right-wing", then what follows is important.

It turns out 1) that Hajj Amin was the father of the Palestinian movement, 2) that Hajj Amin mentored Yasser Arafat, and 3) that veterans of Hajj Amin's organization, the Arab Higher Committee, founded Al-Fatah, the organ that controls the PLO. So, it follows that the PLO is an extreme right-wing organization, which is confirmed by looking at the PLO Charter's promise to exterminate the Israeli Jews

[For documentation on the little-known history of the PLO see "Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership", parts one, two, three and four.]

What do we have, then?

That The Australian is reporting on a policy of cleansing Jews out of Gaza in order to give this territory to an organization descended from Adolf Hitler's extermination program against the Jews. And yet, The Australian does not call this "right-wing". God forbid. According to The Australian, the opposition to this policy is what's "right wing".

This is... upside down.

Second, we have that the "Israeli President Moshe Katsav" referred to those "opposed to the Gaza pullout" with the epithet "Jewish extremists." In other words, the president of the Jewish state considers "extremists" those Jews who oppose cleansing Jews out of Gaza so that an anti-Semitic terrorist organization pledged to kill all the Israeli Jews can have total control over this territory. (Never mind that a publicly available Pentagon study from 1967 determined that Israel had to keep Gaza if it was not to commit suicide.)

The Israeli president and prime minister, of course, understand perfectly well what the PLO is, and they understand also the danger of losing Gaza (they have an intelligence service) - and yet, they will deploy "40,000 [Israeli] troops and police" to cleanse the Gaza Jews, doing the PLO's job for the PLO. Israeli troops will no longer patrol the Gaza-Egypt border, but that is not quite enough: Ariel Sharon is pushing to allow the Egyptian military to do this (the same Egyptian military that smuggles, across the Gaza border, weapons with which to murder innocent Israelis). Ariel Sharon calls this "a reopening of the Israel-Egypt peace accord."[2]

Isn't all this upside down?

We have, further, that the Israeli president "warned that Jewish extremists opposed to the Gaza pullout could assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon." He does not present evidence of a plot to murder Ariel Sharon; he merely accuses those opposed to the Gaza pullout of a crime they have not committed and for which, as far as anybody knows, they are not planning. So, the Israeli president gratuitously characterized these people as 'enemies of the state', which is not too far from inciting the Israeli soldiers against this opposition, given that it was the Israeli army radio that carried the president's words. And yet, it is the Israeli president and prime minister who support cleansing the Jews from Gaza so that anti-Semitic terrorists pledged to exterminate the Jews, with across-the-border support from the Egyptian military, can have total control over strategic territory in the Jewish state. No evidence is lacking for that.

So, who is the real threat to the Jewish state?

I think those Israelis who 1) oppose cleansing Israeli citizens from Gaza, 2) oppose giving up strategic Israeli territory, and 3) oppose making concessions to anti-Semitic terrorists pledged to exterminate the Israeli Jews, are Israeli patriots. And I would submit that when the supposed 'free press', as in the case of The Australian, does not agree with the obvious, and moreover represents those opposed to the cleansing of Jews -- in the Jewish state -- as right-wing extremists, then it is attacking Israel. Of course, some will say, "But the Israeli government agrees with The Australian!" Well if it does, then perhaps certain conclusions should now be drawn about those Israeli politicians who support current policies.

In my view, such conclusions will be overdue.

Can the Jewish state survive? Let me rephrase: Can the Jewish state survive if Israeli citizens allow the Israeli government to hand over strategic territory to passionate descendants of those who tried to wipe out the Jews in the past?

Perhaps some will reply, "Yes, it can survive, because the United States government will protect Israel, no matter what." Many Israelis, no doubt, believe this. In fact, however, the main sponsor of the PLO has been... the United States government - the same government that is now demanding that Gaza be cleansed of its Israeli citizens and given to the PLO.

[For more on this point, see http://www.hirhome.com/israel/hirally2.htm#1982
http://www.hirhome.com/israel/hirally2.htm#1994  ]

Others will say, "But what else can be done?" The answer is obvious. If the PLO oppresses the Arabs it rules (because that's what it does), and if it has zero intention of stopping the killings of Jews (because it has no such intention), then what is required here is a total military defeat of the PLO. Giving the PLO strategic territory indispensable to Israel's survival, while releasing the PLO terrorists from jail, is worse than insanity. It is suicide.


Footnotes and Further Reading

[1] "Troops steel for Gaza pullout", The Australian, July 6, 2005, Wednesday; All-round Country Edition, WORLD; Pg. 9, 614 words, Abraham Rabinovich

[2] "Israel, Egypt near deal on troop deployment along Gaza border", Xinhua General News Service, July 4, 2005 Monday, 5:00 AM EST, WORLD NEWS; Political, 383 words, JERUSALEM














































































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