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A skeptical look at the Ford Foundation
Does its Nazi past matter?

Historical and Investigative Research, 18 Sep 2005
by Francisco Gil-White

The Ford Foundation website says that its mission is to “strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement.”[1] Is this really the true purpose of the Ford Foundation? Given that the Ford Foundation was created by Nazis, one can be skeptical of this claim. And if this skepticism turns out to be justified, then Ford Foundation support for groups in Israel that attack the Israeli state begins to look more than suspicious. This article will take a look at these issues.

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<  Introduction

<  The Ford Foundation supports CIA training for US police departments

<  A CIA front organization is rescued by the Ford Foundation in order to continue a pro-Nazi effort in Europe

<  The Ford Foundation is pro-PLO and anti-Israel



To get a sense for the likely original aims of the Ford Foundation, it helps to get a sense for Henry Ford, its founder. Henry Ford is remembered as America’s great automobile industrialist, but he was also an enthusiastic Nazi -- in fact, a father figure of the Nazi movement, given that Adolf Hitler regarded Henry Ford as his inspiration.

[Logos excerpt begins here]

“Henry Ford, who was so impressed by the efficient way meat packers slaughtered and dismantled animals in Chicago, made his own unique contribution to the slaughter of people in Europe. Not only did he develop the assembly-line method that Germans used to kill Jews, but he launched a vicious anti-Semitic campaign that helped make the Holocaust happen.

In the early 1920s Ford’s weekly newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, published a series of articles based on the text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic tract that had been circulating in Europe.[2] Ford published a book-length compilation of the articles entitled The International Jew, which was translated into most of the European languages and was widely disseminated by anti-Semites, chief among them the German publisher Theodor Fritsch, an early supporter of Hitler. Thanks to a well-financed publicity campaign and the prestige of the Ford name, The International Jew was hugely successful both domestically and internationally.

The International Jew found its most receptive audience in Germany where it was known as The Eternal Jew. Ford was enormously popular in Germany. When his autobiography went on sale there, it immediately became the country’s number one bestseller. In the early 1920s The Eternal Jew quickly became the bible of the German anti-Semitism, with Fritsch’s publishing house printing six editions between 1920 and 1922.

After Ford’s book came to the attention of Hitler in Munich, he used a shortened version of it in the Nazi propaganda war against the Jews of Germany. In 1923 a Chicago Tribune correspondent in Germany reported that Hitler’s organization in Munich was ‘sending out Mr. Ford’s books by the carload.’ Baldur von Schirach, the leader of the Hitler Youth movement and the son of an aristocratic German father and American mother, said at the postwar Nuremberg war crimes trial that he became a convinced anti-Semite at age seventeen after reading The Eternal Jew. ‘You have no idea what a great influence this book had on the thinking of German youth. The younger generation looked with envy to symbols of success and prosperity like Henry Ford, and if he said the Jews were to blame, why naturally we believed him.’

Hitler regarded Ford as a comrade-in-arms and kept a life-sized portrait of him on the wall next to his desk in his office in Munich. In 1923 when Hitler heard that Ford might run for President of the United States, he told an American reporter, ‘I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections. We look to Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing Fascist movement in America. We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated in millions throughout Germany.’ Hitler praised Ford in Mein Kampf, the only American to be singled out. In 1931, when a Detriot News reporter asked Hitler what Ford’s portrait on the wall meant to him, Hitler said, ‘I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration.’”[3]

[Logos excerpt ends here]

Ford publicly praised the Nazi regime, and contributed energetically to the military buildup of the Nazis, for which he accepted in July of 1938 the Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle, the highest honored bestowed by the Nazis on foreigners. He was the first American and only the fourth person to receive this award (somebody else who got one is Benito Mussolini). The Grand Cross came “accompanied by a personal congratulatory message from Adolf Hitler.”[4]

Two years before he was to receive this highest Nazi distinction, “Henry Ford, with his son Edsel, founded the Ford Foundation in 1936.”[5] In other words, Henry Ford created the Ford Foundation at the height of his Nazi activities. And despite public apologies that Henry Ford made under pressure shortly after this, it appears that Ford was using slave labor from the Auschwitz death camp during the war.[5a] This past is a very good reason to be suspicious of the Ford Foundation.

Now, one might say, but Henry Ford died in 1947, and this is the year 2005. Moreover, in the year 2005 the Ford Foundation claims that “the Foundation is an independent organization, with its own board, and is entirely separate from the Ford Motor Company.”[6] Perhaps the foundation is no longer antisemitic?

But if it was created by a leading antisemite -- Adolf Hitler’s intellectual father figure! -- to sponsor antisemitism, then it was staffed with antisemites, and the antisemites in the first generation recruited people like themselves -- other antisemites -- to staff the second generation, and so on. Why? Because this is how an institution survives the passage of time: the people already in it recruit new people, ideologically like themselves, to fill their roles. If you start with antisemites, you end up with antisemites. The argument is not subtle (this ain’t rocket science). Therefore, the passage of time from the year 1947 to the year 2005 is not the sort of thing that should lead anybody to expect that the Ford Foundation is no longer run by antisemites for antisemitic purposes.

But if these arguments are reasonable, then it should be easy to find the Ford Foundation misbehaving. And it is. Here follow a few dramatic examples.


The Ford Foundation supports CIA training for US police departments

The website for something calling itself the Police Foundation explains:

“On July 22, 1970, Ford Foundation President McGeorge Bundy held a press conference in New York City to announce the establishment of a Police Development Fund. . . which was immediately renamed the Police Foundation. . . the Police Foundation works to improve American policing and enhance the capacity of the criminal justice system to function effectively.”[7]

And how would the Ford Foundation and its spawn, the Police Foundation, “enhance the capacity of the criminal justice system to function effectively”?

In 1973, the New York City Police Department asked the CIA to provide it with training, which created a bit of an uproar when New York City mayor Ed Koch pointed out that this would violate the law. The CIA quickly said: Look, this was all the Ford Foundation’s idea, you know, through the Police Foundation: they told the NYC Police Department to get our help. The Ford Foundation and the Police Foundation immediately published a denial: No way. We had nothing to do with that.[8] Subsequently, the CIA ‘explained’ that

“. . .the agency’s assertion that the Ford Foundation had been responsible had been based on a misunderstood conversation between a CIA representative and an official of the [NYC] Police Department.”[9]

How curious. What could the NYC Police Department official really have been saying when the CIA representative heard him say “that the Ford Foundation had been responsible” for them getting involved with the CIA? We are not told.

And why would the CIA try to get off the hook by blaming a private organization -- which supposedly cannot give orders to the NYC Police Department -- for the Police Department’s request for illegal CIA training?

Regardless of who suggested any such thing to the NYC Police Department, this department should be familiar with the law, which forbids the CIA from training the domestic police forces. And so should the CIA be familiar with the law! So what happened here is that the NYC Police Department and the CIA were both caught illegally in bed together, and the CIA quickly yelled: “The Ford Foundation made us do it!” Absurd, isn’t it? And yet that’s what happened. Perhaps the Ford Foundation is more powerful than we think.

In any case, after explaining that all that stuff about the Ford Foundation had really just been a “misunderstood conversation between a CIA representative and an official of the [NYC] Police Department,” the CIA “conceded that in the last two years it provided training to about a dozen police departments, including New York’s...” So the CIA had already been breaking the law left and right.

But if the Ford Foundation’s Police Foundation was getting police departments in the US trained by the CIA, what does that suggest about the CIA? Yes, sure enough, the CIA was created after 1945 by absorbing tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals (more on this below).[10] Since the argument (above) concerning the institutional survival of the founding ideology of the Ford Foundation applies equally to the CIA, it makes perfect sense for the Ford Foundation, created by Nazis, to team up with the CIA.

Another example, a bit earlier, is also consistent with this. I turn to this next.


A CIA front organization is rescued by the Ford Foundation in order to continue a pro-Nazi effort in Europe

A CIA front organization, the Congress for Cultural Freedom, was exposed in 1967 when it was revealed that practically all of its funds were coming from the CIA. Two interesting things happened. First, when the CIA spigot was turned off, it was the Ford Foundation that subsequently picked up the tab: “Since October, 1966, the organization has been totally financed by a grant from the Ford Foundation. . .” Second, after the executive director of the Congress for Cultural Freedom accepted sole responsibility for the fact that he had been running a CIA front organization, this organization got itself a new executive director from, yes, from the Ford Foundation: “The Congress for Cultural Freedom has selected Shepard Stone, director of internal affairs for the Ford Foundation, to be its executive director.”[11]

This is easily explained by looking at how the Congress for Cultural Freedom came to be: as part of a CIA effort to support Nazis in post-war Europe.

Allen Dulles was one of the creators of the CIA, and he would hold the post of CIA director from 1953 to 1961. Immediately after the World War, the left seemed poised to win big in Italy, but Allen Dulles and the CIA didn’t want that. So, as documented in detail by historian Christopher Simpson,

“Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, James Angleton, William Colby, and a team of other top-ranked US intelligence officials put together a crash program of propaganda, sabotage, and secret funding of Christian Democratic candidates. The CIA was a young organization in those days, and was primarily limited (until June 1948[13a]) to simple information gathering and analysis. Therefore, much of this campaign was handled on an ad hoc basis out of the offices of Allen and John Foster Dulles at the Sullivan and Cromwell law firm in New York... Working in close coordination with the Vatican and with prominent Americans of Italian or Catholic heritage, the CIA found that its effort in Italy succeeded well beyond its expectations.”[14]

Simpson goes on to explain that “Much of the CIA’s $10 million Italian war chest was delivered through clandestine campaign contributions to Christian Democratic candidates.” But, as it turns out, “Christian Democratic” was a euphemism:

“. . .many of the remnants of the Fascists’ wartime ruling apparatus, as well as most of the [fascist] police, had joined Christian Democratic ranks after 1945. The CIA’s ‘black currency’ in Italy. . .[went] to clerics and other leaders who were themselves closely tied to fascist rule.”[15]

This was money, by the way, that the Nazis had stolen from the Jews, and it was now being returned to the genocidal thieves:

“This ‘black currency’ did not come from the American taxpayers. Rather, a substantial part of the funding for clandestine activities in Italy came from captured German assets, including money and gold that the Nazis had looted from the Jews.”[16]

At the close of the war, Allen Dulles had a close relationship with Monsignor Bicchierai at the Vatican, because Bicchierai had mediated the Nazi Walter Rauff’s surrender in Italy with Allen Dulles negotiating on the other side. According to a Simon Wiesenthal study cited by Simpson, “Walter Rauff was a major war criminal. . .[who] took the lives of approximately 250,000 people, most of them Jewish women and children who died in unspeakable filth and agony.” Walter Rauff was not tried and executed, but instead was hid by Vatican authorities, and then “Rauff escaped from Europe in 1948, traveling first to Syria and later to South America.” Simpson clarifies further that “Wiesenthal has repeatedly asked Pope John Paul II to open an investigation into Bicchierai’s role in this affair. So far these requests have been ignored.”[17]

“Walter Rauff was still hiding in the ‘convents of the Holy See,’ as [Wiesenthal] put it, when the CIA provided his sponsor Monsignor Bicchierai with enough money to buy Jeeps, bedding, and guns for an underground squadron of some 300 anti-Communist Italian youths for use during the 1948 elections. The job of this band was beatings of left-wing candidates and activists, breaking up political meetings, and intimidating voters. Bicchierai’s troops became the forerunners of a number of other similar paramilitary grants funded by the CIA in Germany, Greece, Turkey, and several other countries over the next decade.”[18]

Since Italy was the model, and since this model involved backing the fascists clandestinely with money and force, what are we to conclude? Well, that elsewhere in Europe, the CIA -- a US government agency created by absorbing tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals[19] -- was also backing the fascists. And so it was: in Germany, the US was covertly backing the same Nazis it had supposedly fought.[20]

After the Italian operation, Allen Dulles created something called the NCFE as an umbrella for US covert pro-fascist activities in Europe.

“The seed money for the National Committee for a Free Europe [NCFE] was drawn from the same pool of captured German assets that had earlier financed clandestine operations during the Italian election. At least $2 million left over from that affair found its way. . .into the accounts of the NCFE. . . Printing presses, radio transmitters, and other equipment salvaged from the Italian campaign were also transferred. . .to the NCFE.

Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner combined their talents to line up an all star board of directors for the NCFE that served as a cover, in effect, to explain where all the money was coming from. Early corporate notables who served on the board or as members of the NCFE include (to name only a few) J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace & Company and the National City Bank; H.J. Heinz of the Mellon Bank and Heinz ketchup fame; Texas oilman George C. McGhee; auto magnate Henry Ford II...”[21] [my emphasis]

Simpson goes on to explain that the people who ran the American media cooperated completely in the effort to maintain the activities of the NCFE secret:

“. . .the media falsified their reports to the public concerning the government’s role in Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation for years. . . Writers soon learned that exposés concerning the NCFE and RFE/RL were simply not welcome at mainstream publications.”[22]

It turns out that one of the organizations that the CIA funded under this secret pro-Nazi umbrella was none other than the Congress for Cultural Freedom, as Simpson explains on the following page. Thus, given that Henry Ford II was sitting on the board of directors of the CIA’s NCFE, which covertly funded the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and given that the Nazi Henry Ford is who created the Ford Foundation, is it any surprise that the Ford Foundation provided this nest of Nazis, the Congress for Cultural Freedom, with funding, and also with a replacement executive director, after the Congress was publicly exposed as a CIA front?


The Ford Foundation is pro-PLO and anti-Israel

Now, but if the Ford Foundation has been consistently pro-Nazi, like its founder, doesn’t this predict that this foundation will be anti-Israel and therefore pro-PLO? It does, especially given that the PLO is an antisemitic terrorist organization created by a leader of the extermination program against the European Jews (known as the Final Solution), which program was developed by Henry Ford’s admirer and apprentice, Adolf Hitler. The point of creating the PLO, naturally, was to continue the Final Solution in Israel.[23]

In June of 1974, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim went out of his way to meet with the antisemitic PLO terrorists, something that Israel protested.[24] Did Waldheim’s behavior make sense? Sure it did: Kurt Waldheim had been a major -- in fact, a decorated -- Nazi war criminal, and so it makes perfect sense that he should have worked overtime, as UN Secretary General, to give international respectability to the PLO, an organization spawned by the same Final Solution for which Waldheim had worked so passionately and so prominently.[25] In November of the same year, Waldheim, supported by the Ford Foundation, tried again: the Ford Foundation was arranging for US senators and representatives to meet with UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, and with the PLO, in order to promote the PLO as a political player with supposedly legitimate demands against the Jewish state, once again over the objections of the Israeli government.[26] To put all this in context, consider that only two years earlier, in 1972, the PLO had murdered innocent Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich, shocking the entire world.[27]

Let us now fast forward (almost) to the present. In December 2003, Yossi Beilin, who earlier had a major role in putting together the Oslo Accords (or the Oslo 'Peace' Process), produced something called the Geneva Accord. This newest Beilin brainstorm was pushing for changes that would make it impossible for Israel to defend itself. Some Israelis resisted this sharply, and a number of rabbis made a public declaration against the Geneva Accord:

“In the declaration, Rabbi Ya’acov Yosef declared: ‘An agreement which in effect aims at dismantling the IDF and transferring the responsibility for the country's security to a multi-national force is treachery and those who sign it lack any sense of national responsibility.’

Monday’s statement said that Yossi Beilin’s previous agreement with the Palestinians, the Oslo Accords, had cost thousands of Jewish lives.”

Of course, these rabbis were right. In fact, as the same article explains, “The ceremony in Switzerland itself became a festival of Israel-bashing. ...The harsh criticism of Israel marred an event that was intended to be a celebration of peace.”

Because Yossi Beilin's Geneva Accord, an attack on Israel, was being funded by the Swiss government, explains the same article, some in the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] decided at least to oppose themselves. And so emerged...

“[a] bill, drafted by National Union MK Uri Ariel, ...advanced in a 44-26 vote, amid rising criticism in the Knesset of the Swiss government funding the Geneva Accord.

Justice Minister Yosef Lapid, who presented the government’s position on the bill, said he wanted to know what the Swiss government would say if the Israeli government established a fund to help a Swiss French-speaking canton obtain independence or unite with France.”

Good question. I bet the Swiss government would be violently offended if anything like that happened. And yet,

“Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan said Ariel’s proposal is ‘draconian’ and would halt, for example, donations by the Ford Foundation, to which the US government is a partner, to many groups in Israel.”

Notice, Vilan -- a member of the Israeli parliament -- was worried that Ariel's proposal would halt Ford Foundation/US government grants to groups in Israel, as if this would have been a bad thing.

For a different opinion, let us travel back in time to March of 1992, when Knesset member Elyakim Ha’etzni charged that the US was undermining Israel by funding PLO front organizations and also Israeli groups that attack the Israeli government. What tool was the US government using for this? The Ford Foundation.

“Ha’etzni charged that the US destabilizing program [against Israel] was being conducted by directing the Ford Foundation to give large monetary grants to PLO-oriented organizations in East Jerusalem and the territories, and to Israeli bodies such as B’Tselem, which reports on the Israeli administration’s human rights record in the territories. Ha’etzni quoted the cash amounts from the Ford Foundation’s reports. Ha’etzni also charged that the US Consulate in East Jerusalem was giving Palestinians like Faisal Husseini, Hanan Ashrawi and Sari Nusseibah moral and political backing, which enables them to break the law with impunity.”[29]

Ha’etzni was right, of course. The organizations funded by the Ford Foundation attacked Israel for supposed human rights violations with zero documentation. For example, in 1988, the following was reported:

“A 335-page report released today by the Palestinian human rights group Al Haq/Law in the Service of Man says that the number and scope of human rights violations by the Israeli authorities have increased exponentially since the uprising [First Intifada] began a year ago. It also says measures to quell the disturbances have been out of proportion to acts of defiance by Palestinians living in the occupied territories.

The report is based on affidavits from victims and eyewitnesses of alleged Israeli abuses, on press accounts, and on reports by fieldworkers from Al Haq, which receives funding from several European organizations and the Ford Foundation.”[30]

Affidavits from alleged victims and from alleged eyewitnesses do not constitute ‘evidence.’ Neither do the “reports by fieldworkers from Al Haq” if the reports is all we have. Phony victims, phony eyewitnesses, and phony reports by phony fieldworkers are a dime a dozen in times of war, when you always get a big bang for your propaganda buck by accusing your enemy of being a monster (this is in fact precisely what happened when Israel was accused of committing a massacre in Jenin: there was no massacre, and the eyewitnesses were all phonies[31]). Moreover, given that the First Intifada -- which, contrary to the representation in the press, involved much Arab violence -- had been created and coordinated by the PLO precisely to generate these sorts of accusations against Israel, our stance toward these accusations should be one of extreme suspicion.[32]

Amazingly, Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy’s reply to Ha’etzni was not that Ha’etzni was wrong on the facts (after all, Ha’etzni had the figures from the Ford Foundation, and quoted them). Rather, Levy’s reply was that, since Israel is a slave of the United States, the Jewish state simply has to accept in silence the US’s efforts to destroy it. Israel simply may not criticize the United States, Levy explained:

“‘Israel has no substitute for the United States,’ Foreign Minister David Levy cautioned the Knesset yesterday. ‘That doesn’t mean we have to fold up in the face of an ultimatum and accept policies contrary to our interests. But neither do we have to portray the US as an enemy out to subvert us and weaken our position.’”[33]

Notice that Levy tried to represent Israel -- though forbidden from ever saying anything bad about the US -- as nevertheless capable of saying 'no' if the US was trying to bully Israel into accepting its own destruction. And yet Israel, the year before, had already “fold[ed] up in the face of an ultimatum and accept[ed] policies contrary to [its] interests”: after 8 months of US threats, Israel agreed in 1991 to participate in what became the Oslo ‘peace’ process, which brought the PLO into the heart of the Jewish state, allowing the PLO to murder scores of innocent Israelis.[34] The Ford Foundation had been involved in that too, funding a ‘dialogue’ in Washington for that purpose, and which contributed to producing the so-called Oslo ‘peace’ process.[35]

The same year that Ha'etzni accused the Ford Foundation in the Israeli Knesset, there was a similar eruption in the US House of Representatives. As reported in Forward Magazine on 24 October 2003,

[Quote from Forward begins here]

"A recent investigative report on the Ford Foundation's funding of Palestinian groups is triggering calls for a federal investigation...

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, and the American Jewish Congress are urging a federal probe into the alleged financial ties between what might be the country's most prestigious foundation and anti-Israel Palestinian groups...

The calls come in reaction to an investigative report published in last week's Forward, alleging that the foundation had backed Palestinian groups accused of fomenting the anti-Israel agitation and blatant antisemitism two years ago at the U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa...

...'The Ford Foundation, at best, used poor judgment in its decision to fund Palestinian organizations that promote extremist anti-Israel and antisemitic agendas,' [Representative Henry] Waxman said. 'They may have also violated U.S. law, if these groups are found to have links with Palestinian terrorist organizations. I hope there will be a full investigation...'"[35a]

[Quote from Forward ends here]

But if the Israeli foreign minister, David Levy, had come out to provide cover for the Ford Foundation, we should hardly be surprised to find that prominent leaders in the US who claim a Jewish identity did the same. And such is the case of Abraham Foxman, who leads the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that is supposedly chartered to oppose antisemitism. As reported in the same Forward article,

"Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League told the Forward that it is too soon to call for a congressional investigation: 'This is an institution that's been around for a long time. They've established a credible reputation...'"

The Ford Foundation is indeed "an institution that's been around for a long time," because it dates to the time when Henry Ford founded it as part of his pro-Nazi effort. Is this where its "credible reputation" comes from, according to Abraham Foxman from the ADL? And, really, why should we be surprised? It is easy to find Abraham Foxman apologizing for the PLO, an organization created by a leader of the Final Solution to continue the extermination of the Jewish people.[35b] And Foxman can also be found apologizing for the antisemitisim of the Vatican.[35c] So, naturally, Abraham Foxman apologizes for the Ford Foundation.

So does the Ford Foundation's Nazi past matter? I would say that it does.


Footnotes and Further Reading

[2] To read about the original “Protocols of Zion,” visit:

“The Protocols of Zion”; Emperor’s Clothes; 26 November 2002; by Jared Israel.

To read about how the “Protocols of Zion propaganda is being used today, visit:

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Newly released Nazi documents show the Ford Motor Company was one of 500 firms which had links with Auschwitz, Polish officials said yesterday, delivering a setback to Ford's attempts to extricate itself from allegations that it profited from wartime slave labour.

Although it was unclear how deep or extensive Ford's contacts with the camp administration were, the documents are likely to provide ammunition for former slave labourers who are suing the company in a US court over claims that they were forced to work in the Cologne plant run by Ford's German subsidiary.

The list of industries linked to Auschwitz was among Nazi-era documents recently handed over by Moscow, where the camp archive has been kept since the end of the war.

A total of 1.1m people, 90% of them Jews, are thought to have died in the camp in the southern Polish town of Oswiecim.

The papers discovered include construction plans, orders for raw materials and reports. They also name the German industrial giants Krupp, Siemens and IG Farben.

Jacek Turczynski, the head of a foundation representing Nazi-era slave labourers, said: 'The list includes Ford, but we do not have any other details.'

He added that some of the companies listed used slave labour, while others only inquired about the possibility of using Auschwitz inmates as workers. It has not emerged how far each of the named companies was implicated.

'It could have been just correspondence, they could have supplied some equipment,' Barbara Jarosz, the head of the Auschwitz museum, said.

Ford has previously acknowledged that its German subsidiary, Ford Werke AG, used slave labour at its Cologne plant, and is fighting a class action lawsuit by for mer labourers in a New Jersey court.

The car firm's lawyers argue that the Michigan-based parent company lost control of its German operations when the war broke out and the Cologne plant was seized as 'enemy property'.

Jim Vella, Ford's global news director, issued a statement saying: 'Whatever occurred at the Cologne plant during world war two was and is the responsibility of the German government, as successor to the Nazi regime.

'Wartime reparations claims historically have been resolved by government-to -government agreements and that is how this matter should be resolved, too.'

Ford has also argued that the statute of limitations on the victims' claims had expired.

But Burt Neuborne, a New York University law professor representing the slave labourers and their families, said: 'Time can never shield a war criminal, either criminally or civilly.'

One of the former slave labourers suing Ford is Elsa Iwanowa, 74, who has testified that she was abducted as a teenager along with 2,000 other children from a Russian village and forced to build military vehicles at the Nazi-run Ford plant.

The lawsuit, the first of its kind against a US company, was inspired by the success of Nazi victims in securing reparations from Swiss banks which had profited from Nazi wartime deposits.

It claims Ford's German plant 'became an eager, aggressive and successful bidder for forced labourers', and al leges that senior Ford executives knew that thousands of workers were being abused.

The US district judge in the case, Joseph Greenaway, is due to rule next month on Ford's motion to dismiss the case.

The firm has called the former US secretary of state Warren Christopher as a witness to testify that former US administrations have upheld the principle that governments should decide war reparations rather than the courts.

However, if the newly unearthed documents show that Ford Werke AG was deeply involved in the operations of the death camp, a dismissal is less likely.

Ms Jarosz said archivists were still reviewing the Auschwitz documents to establish the names of slave labourers used by some of the companies involved.

Victims' organisations say there are detailed files with the names of 100,000 workers still in the Moscow archives, which have yet to be released.


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Last year in Berlin the star speaker at the NPD's May Day rally was Friedhelm Busse, age 71. Mahler's newfound political comrade roused the crowd with antiforeigner and anti-American vitriol that elicited loud cheers from shaved-head teenagers and twentysomethings who waived illegal imperial German black-and-white flags. Violence erupted after Busse ended his pep talk with a line from an old Nazi song: "We're marching for Hitler day and night because of the need for freedom and bread."

A veteran neo-Nazi agitator, Busse is especially proud of the fact that he was one of the youngest members of the Hitler Youth during the Third Reich. His current status as an elder statesman among hard-core neo-Nazis in Germany is all the more troubling given that his checkered past includes a controversial stint with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Back in the early 1950s Busse joined the Bund Deutscher Jugend, an elite, CIA-trained paramilitary organization composed largely of ex-Hitler Youth, Wehrmacht, and SS personnel in West Germany. Busse's group was primed to go underground and engage in acts of sabotage and resistance in the event of a Soviet invasion. But instead of focusing on foreign enemies, Busse's "stay behind" unit proceeded to draw up a death list that included future Chancellor Willi Brandt and other leading Social Democrats (then West Germany's main opposition party), who were marked for liquidation in case of an ill-defined national security emergency.

The Bund's cover was blown in October 1952, when the West German press got wind that U.S. intelligence was backing a neo-Nazi death squad. Norris Chapman, a West German-based State Department official, acknowledged in a once-classified State Department report that the scandal had resulted in "a serious loss of U.S. prestige."

West German "stay behind" forces quickly regrouped with a helping hand from the CIA, which recruited thousands of ex-Nazis and fascists to serve as cold war espionage assets. "It was a visceral business of using any bastard as long as he was anti-Communist. The eagerness to enlist collaborators meant that you didn't look at their credentials too closely," explained Harry Rostizke, ex-head of the CIA's Soviet desk.

The key player on the West German end of this unholy espionage alliance was General Reinhard Gehlen, who served as Adolf Hitler's chief anti-Soviet spy. During World War II Gehlen was in charge of German military-intelligence operations on the eastern front.


With a mandate to continue spying on the East just as he had been doing before, Gehlen reestablished his espionage network at the behest of U.S. intelligence. Incorporated into the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency in the late 1940s, the Gehlen "Org," as it was called, became the CIA's main eyes and ears in central Europe -- an arrangement that many CIA officials would later regret.

...Gehlen rolled out the welcome mat for thousands of Gestapo, Wehrmacht, and SS veterans. Some of the worst war criminals imaginable -- including cold-blooded bureaucrats who oversaw the administrative apparatus of the Holocaust -- found employment in the Gehlen Org, according to author Christopher Simpson. Simpson is a member of the Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group, which was established by President Clinton to review governments documents related to Nazi activity.

While dispensing spy data to his avid American patrons, Gehlen operatives helped thousands of fascist fugitives escape to safe havens abroad. Third Reich expatriates subsequently served as "security advisors" to repressive regimes in Latin America and the Middle East...

Busse went on to direct several ultra-right-wing groups in Germany, while another Gehlen protégé, Gerhard Frey, also emerged as a mover and shaker in the post-cold war neo-Nazi scene. A wealthy publisher, Frey currently bankrolls and runs the Deutsche Volksunion (DVU), which U.S. army intelligence described as "a neo-Nazi party." During the late 1990s the DVU scored double-digit vote totals in state elections in economically depressed eastern Germany.

[Excerpts end here]

HIR NOTE: The US absorbed almost the entire Nazi war criminal infrastructure in order to create the CIA. As mentioned above, at the core of this effort was Nazi war criminal Reinhard Gehlen's Organization. In 1956, the Gehlen Org, as it was called, was given over to West Germany, where it became the BND, Germany's equivalent to the CIA! To read about all this, see the 1945 section of the following piece:

“Is the US an Ally of Israel?”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White.

[21] Simpson, Christopher. 1988. Blowback: America's recruitment of Nazis and its effects on the Cold War, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, New York. (p.126)

[22] I quote here Christopher Simpson's passage on the media in its entirety because it is well worth reading and pondering. The question for us should be: if there was this degree of control over the US media in the early 50s, why should anybody assume that the US media is free today?

[Quote from Simpson begins here]

From the beginning the National Committee for a Free Europe depended upon the voluntary silence of powerful media personalities in the United States to cloak its true operations in secrecy. "Representatives of some of the nation's most influential media giants were involved early on as members of the corporation [NCFE]," Mickelson notes in a relatively frank history of its activities. This board included "magazine publishers Henry Luce [of Time-Life] and DeWitte Wallace [of Readers Digest]," he writes, "but not a word of the government involvement appeared in print or on the air." Luce and Wallace were not the only ones: C.D. Jackson, editor in chief of Fortune magazine, came on board in 1951 as president of the entire Radio Free Europe effort, while Reader's Digest senior editor Eugene Lyons headed the American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia Inc., a corporate parent of Radio Liberation. Still, "sources of financing," Mickelson writes, were "never mentioned" in the press.

The practical effect of this arrangement was the creation of a powerful lobby inside American media that tended to suppress critical news concerning the CIA's propaganda projects. This was not simply a matter of declining to mention the fact that the agency was behind these programs, as Mickelson implies. Actually the media falsified their reports to the public concerning the government's role in Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation for years, actively promoting the myth -- which most sophisticated editors knew perfectly well was false -- that these projects were financed though nickel-and-dime contributions from concerned citizens. Writers soon learned that exposés concerning the NCFE and RFE/RL were simply not welcome at mainstream publications. No corporate officers needed to issue any memorandums to enforce this silence: with C.D. Jackson as RFE/RL's president and Luce himself on the group's board of directors, for example, Time's and Life's authors were no more likely to delve into the darker side of RFE/RL than they were to attack the American flag.

[Quote from Simpson ends here]

SOURCE: Simpson, Christopher. 1988. Blowback: America's recruitment of Nazis and its effects on the Cold War, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, New York. (p.126-127)

[23] The most complete documentation on this is here:

“HOW DID THE ‘PALESTINIAN MOVEMENT’ EMERGE? The British sponsored it. Then the German Nazis, and the US.”; Historical and Investigative Research; 13 June 2006; by Francisco Gil-White.

Some of this material was originally published here:

“Anti-Semitism, Misinformation, And The Whitewashing Of The Palestinian Leadership”; Israel National News; May 26, '03 / 24 Iyar 5763; by Francisco J. Gil-White

[24] “Yosef Tekoah, Israel’s chief delegate, protested to Secretary General Waldheim today that the United Nations chief had ‘found it appropriate’ to meet with three Palestinian ‘terrorists’ during his recent trip to Africa and the Middle East.

Mr. Tekoah said after meeting with Mr. Waldheim that he had given the Secretary General descriptions of the the three showing that they represented organizations responsible for murdering Israelis. He identified them as Zuhayr Muhsin, commander of AS Saiqa, A Syrian-sponsored organization; Faruq al Qadurni, representing Al Fatah [the controlling organ in the PLO], which claimed responsibility for an attack two days ago at Nahariya, and Khaled Fahoum, chairman of the Palestine National Council [the legislative body of the PLO].”

SOURCE: WALDHEIM MEETING PROTESTED BY ISRAEL; Special to The New York Times; New York Times (1857-Current file); Jun 27, 1974; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2001); pg. 48.

[25] To learn more about this, read the following two sections of “Is the US an Ally of Israel?”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White:

“In 1974 the US supported the election of a pro-PLO Nazi war criminal to the post of UN Secretary General.”

“In 1977, Jimmy Carter worked hard to give the terrorist PLO the dignity of a ‘government in exile’”

[26] [Israeli chief delegate Yosef] Tekoah met this morning with members of a group of visiting United States Senators and Representatives at the Biltmore Hotel.

The group is an a visit to the United Nations in a program arranged by the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University and the Ford Foundation. On Thursday, members of the group met with spokesmen of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the grouping of guerrilla movements.

In today’s meeting with the Israeli envoy, the members of congress were given an outline of Israel’s stand. Mr. Tekoah reiterated Israel’s rejection of any dealings with the Palestinian group.”

SOURCE: WALDHEIM VOICES MIDEAST CONCERN; Special to The New York Times; By PAUL HOFMANN; New York Times (1857-Current file); Nov 17, 1974; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2001); pg. 6.

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[32] The ‘First Intifada’ of 1987-88 was a US-PLO strategy used to represent the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza as supposedly oppressed ‘underdogs’; From “Is the US an Ally of Israel?”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White.

[33] Levy: US not out to subvert Israel,  The Jerusalem Post, March 12, 1992, Thursday, News, 255 words, ASHER WALLFISH

[34] “In 1991, Bush Sr.’s administration forced Israel to participate in the Oslo process, which brought the PLO into the West Bank and Gaza”; From “Is the US an Ally of Israel?”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White.

[35] Nobel judges are tracing the lineage of the Oslo peace accords,  The Jerusalem Post, September 9, 1994, Friday, FEATURES; Pg. 3B, 1768 words, Steve Rodan

[35a] "Probe Demanded of Ford Foundation Funding"; By NACHA CATTAN, FORWARD STAFF; OCTOBER 24, 2003.

[35b] For example, when Arafat was caught calling for jihad after the supposed 'peace' process had already begun, Abraham Foxman supported Arafat's absurd expression "jihad for peace" helping confuse the Western public. Jihad means "Holy War" -- the slaughter of infidels, but Foxman covered up for Arafat.

"Speaking to an Anti-Defamation League delegation in Gaza, Arafat said his use of the word 'jihad' in his speeches not only meant a holy war involving fighting, but also can be used in terms of peace.

'We asked the chairman to engage as much as possible in words of understanding and reconciliation,' said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman.

'The chairman talked in terms of the jihad for peace so that the word jihad as we know it can be converted into the jihad of peace.'"

SOURCE: Arafat to ADL: I'll urge PNC to alter Charter, The Jerusalem Post, November 19, 1995, Sunday, NEWS; Pg. 2, 296 words, Elli Wohlgelernter

[35c] Truth vs. Hype: The policies of the Vatican under John Paul II regarding Jews and the Holocaust, Yugoslavia and El Salvador; "Part 1: Did the Pope Really Reject Church Antisemitism? Mr. Foxman's Mistake"; by Jared Israel; 21 April 2005.









































































































































































































































































































































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