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Will there soon be an anti-Jewish genocide in Israel?

A slide presentation of crucial evidence

Historical and Investigative Research - 14 April 2007
by Francisco Gil-White


Before you view the presentation
please read the following notices

1) Requirements. 

If you have the latest version of Microsoft Powerpoint installed in your computer you will have no problem viewing the presentation.

If you don't have the latest version of Microsoft Powerpoint, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM (see below).

2) Getting what you need.

If you don't have the latest version of Microsoft Powerpoint (or if you are not sure), then you may download Powerpoint Viewer 2003 -- FOR FREE -- here:

DOWNLOAD Powerpoint Viewer

WARNING: If you DON'T install Powerpoint Viewer 2003 the presentation will not run properly, much of the content will look jumbled, chaotic, and UNREADABLE, and you will feel...very frustrated.

2.1) Are you using a Macintosh?

The presentation does not seem to work for Mac users and the download above is for Windows. We are trying to find a solution for this. For now, however, if you are on a Mac, don't wast your time. We will post the Mac solution as soon as we have it.

3) Size.

The presentation is a large file, and takes between 2 to 4 minutes to download with a fast connection.

4) Hyperlinks.

The presentation contains numerous hyperlinks so that you can go look at the documentation that supports the claims made in the presentation.

You will be tempted to follow these hyperlinks.

For this reason, it is best to download the presentation to your computer (instead of merely opening it in your browser). This way, you own the presentation, you know where it is, and you can interrupt it anytime you want to follow a link, then come back to it.

5) Recommendation.

We recommend that you view the entire presentation all the way through once, and then begin exploring the hyperlinks.


The presentation.

To download the presentation to your computer, click on either of the following two links:

English version:

Spanish Version:



En espaņol:







































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