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Why do so many people hate the Jews?

Rabbi Tovia Singer of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva) Interviews Dr. Francisco Gil-White

Historical and Investigative Research - 31 January 2007
by Francisco Gil-White


On 25 January, Rabbi Tovia Singer of Israel National Radio (known as the “Chief Rabbi of Newstalk Radio”) interviewed me on the topic of the origins of antisemitism.

Below I provide some further reading that will complement what Rabbi Tovia Singer and I discuss in the interview. To listen to the interview, click on this link:

( We suggest that you open the above link in a new tab or window, so that you can keep this one open )

Further HIR readings relevant to this interview

1) On the Nazi history of the PLO:

2) On the political opposition between the ancient Greco-Roman aristocracies and the Jewish people, which opposition gave rise to Western antisemitism:

3) On the structure of antisemitic attacks in the West, which have been consistent in some important ways throughout the ages, and which the mass media has been reviving:

4) For the long arc of Jewish history in political context, including special attention to the genocide of the Jews carried out by the ancient Greco-Romans in the first and second centuries, an event that continues to reverberate, and which has had tremendous consequences for Western history:

5) On Muslim ideology:

For an earlier interview with Rabbi Tovia Singer, ranging over a number of different issues concerned with antisemitism, US foreign policy towards Israel, and the security of the Jewish state, visit:











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