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NOTICE: 3 January, 2012

The Crux of World history is being completely revised and rewritten.

What used to be Vol. 1, "The Book of Genesis: The Birth of the Jewish People" will now be Vol.2

The new Vol. 1 is being published IN SPANISH here:

As soon as the Spanish version is finished the English translation will begin.

This book will soon be out in a hardcover version, but we are facing an historic emergency, so I am making it immediately available on the web.

History, as the saying goes, is the propaganda of the victors. The Jews have not been the victors. Therefore, the portrayal of history has been terribly unfair to the Jews. This is why people still do not understand why there has been massacre upon antisemitic massacre in the Western world for over two millennia, making this one of the more stable cultural traditions of our ‘civilization.’

I am predicting that soon -- very soon -- there will be another antisemitic genocide. It will take place in the State of Israel, and it will be directly carried out by the antisemitic forces of the Muslim world. The Western world will look the other way. Later, it will build Holocaust museums and people will put on grave looking faces and shake their heads. Or perhaps they will celebrate. It all depends on which direction culture takes in the coming years. But though time may be running short, this genocide can still be prevented. In order to do so, good people in the West must understand what is at stake. They certainly don't understand it now. They have no clue why there is hatred of Jews, and they are utterly confused about their own antisemitic prejudices.

Why is there antisemitism?

The Crux of World History answers this question. I show that there has been and still is so much antisemitism in the West because Judaism is the original mass movement of the political left. It is the original movement of progressive politics, preaching freedom, justice, equality, ethics, and compassion. This is precisely why the Western ruling classes have always persecuted the Jews and taught ordinary gentiles to hate them, lest ordinary people learn from the Jews that they have a right to live in freedom and equality. Once this is understood, the history of the West, with its endless sequence of anti-Jewish massacres, will, for the first time, make sense. Only if good people quickly come to understand this can the next genocide -- already upon us -- be prevented.

This is the great struggle of our time. We need a burst of Enlightenment or the Jews will be massacred once again, and the consequences -- the terrible consequences -- will not be felt only by the Jews. As in World War II, ordinary people everywhere will be the victims, because an attack on the Jewish movement is an attack on ordinary people.

It is always the worst among us who attack the Jews. The good people of this Earth will once again abandon their own selves to the worst among us if they do not defend the Jewish people. This is what is at stake. This is what has always been at stake.

It is The Crux of World History.

I invite you to read it.

Francisco Gil-White