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What is wrong with the media?

Why can't it report the Israeli-Lebanese conflict fairly?

Historical and Investigative Research - 8 August 2006
by Francisco Gil-White
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Two days ago Honest Reporting brought to my attention the scandal of the Reuters photographer who doctored (at least) one of his photos in order to attack Israel.

Here is the photograph:

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\reuters.jpg

That this photo was doctored was shown by Charles Johnson, who runs a blog called Little Green Footballs. About this photo, Johnson explained:

“This Reuters photograph shows blatant evidence of manipulation. Notice the repeating patterns in the smoke; this is almost certainly caused by using the Photoshop ‘clone’ tool to add more smoke to the image.

Smoke simply does not contain repeating symmetrical patterns like this, and you can see the repetition in both plumes of smoke. There’s really no question about it. It’s not only the plumes of smoke that were ‘enhanced.’ There are also cloned buildings.”[1]

The point of doctoring the photograph was to impress the viewer with a picture of great ‘devastation’ wrought by the Israelis. Honest Reporting explains that,

“Faced with an onslaught of bloggers taking up the case and demonstrating how clearly the picture had been doctored, Reuters finally came clean and admitted that the picture was a lie.”[2]

To control the damage, Reuters issued what is called a ‘picture kill’ telling everybody not to use it.

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\reuters2.jpg

How serious is this?

Reuters is “a news service that provides reports from around the world to newspapers and broadcasters.”[3] There are a few such services, such as the Associated Press, United Press International, Deutsche Presse Agentur, and Agence France Presse. These services provide the overwhelming bulk of the news that gets reported, and they are called ‘wire services.’ When a newspaper or TV station reports something, it is very often the case that they didn’t do any research themselves, but simply reported -- without checking anything at all -- what one of these wire services said. What this means is that the Western press is highly centralized, despite the appearance of a multiplicity of independent brands. So, when the wire services lie, the mainstream press lies across the board.

Now, the photograph we are considering here is obviously doctored. The person who did the doctoring was sloppy. With greater care, a more professional job could have been done, and the photo might have slipped through. How many photographs that are more carefully doctored are we being shown? It is impossible to know. What is especially troubling, however, is that Reuters itself did not stop this obviously doctored picture from getting published, and reacted only after a private citizen pointed out the fake. This could mean that Reuters does not mind obviously doctored photographs when they attack the Israelis.

This is enough to give one pause, because Reuters has an effect on the Western press across the board. For example, you have heard of course that the Israelis supposedly killed many civilians in Qana. This accusation had huge consequences, and Israel was vilified all over the media for its supposed barbarity, and under such pressure Israel halted its military operations for 48 hours, which allowed Hezbollah to regroup. This cost Israeli lives. Well, as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette now admits, “evidence [has] emerged that the Qana massacre was stage-managed by Hezbollah propagandists,” and there are plenty of good reasons to believe that indeed it was.[4] Especially when you consider that Hezbollah has stated that they are proud to sustain more civilian than military casualties,[5] which means that when they loudly protest that Israel has supposedly killed civilians, our first hypothesis should be that cynics are attempting to manipulate us. Another reason to suspect that Qana was staged, and very a propos, is this: Y-net News explains that the photographer responsible for the doctored photo above is the “same Reuters photographer behind many of [the] images from Qana.”[6]

So a man who had zero scruples about doctoring a photograph to make the Israelis look bad is also the man behind the photographs that have had the single largest impact towards tarnishing the international image of Israel in this war. As I said, this is enough to give one pause. The photographer's name is Adnan Hajj and you can see an an analysis of his Qana work (along with that of other photographers) here:

To view an excellent (and short) video that exposes a number of other photo frauds against Israel, visit:

Then come back, because we would like you to understand the larger implications of all this.

What are the larger implications of this?

A surprisingly large number of people are convinced that ‘the Jews’ control the media for their own ends. Like any hypothesis, this one makes predictions. If the media is controlled by ‘the Jews’ for their own purposes, then we expect that the media will produce pro-Jewish content. And yet anybody who reads the newspapers cannot fail to notice the extreme condemnation against Israel for defending itself from Hezbollah, even though 1) Hezbollah attacked first, 2) Hezbollah says publicly it means to destroy Israel via the extermination of the Israeli Jews and, 3) Hezbollah in fact makes a point of directing its attacks against Israeli civilians with missiles packed with ball bearings to maximize the civilian carnage[7]; Israel, by sharp contrast, has taken all sorts of measures to minimize the harm to Lebanese civilians, including the dropping of leaflets over civilian populations to warn of an impending bombing. If under such conditions we see the Western media going out of its way to make the Israelis come out the ‘bad guys,’ what we have is a result that is radically inconsistent with the hypothesis that ‘the Jews’ control the media. So perhaps the widespread belief that ‘the Jews’ control the media is just more antisemitic propaganda.

Seeking to answer this question, HIR investigated who in fact controls the media. What we found is that the people at the very top of the Western media infrastructure are mostly Christians. And the few large media operations that are owned by individuals who claim to be Jewish (such as the New York Times) in fact go quite out of their way to fit in and outdo the other media in their attacks against the Jewish people. Our documentation on this question is in the following piece:

“Why do people say that ‘the Jews’ control the media? They don’t”; from THE MODERN PROTOCOLS OF ZION: How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII; Historical and Investigative Research; 25 August 2005; by Francisco Gil-White.

Why has the lie that ‘the Jews’ control the media been promoted? The reason seems to be that, in this way, ordinary people can be convinced that ‘the Jews’ are everywhere secretly in control. We’ve seen this before. Prior to World War II, there was a widespread accusation that ‘the Jews’ in secret controlled not only the media, but the Western governments, including the United States, the socialist movements, the capitalist infrastructure, the banks -- everything. According to this propaganda, ‘the Jews’ would use this power to destroy ‘Christian civilization.’ For example, here below is the cover of a pamphlet that was circulated by the German Nazis:

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\pamphlet.jpg

Nazi pamphlet: “Roosevelt betrays America!”
The Nazis caricatured a Jew controlling
the American president as his puppet.

The pamphlet accuses ‘the Jews’ of controlling US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This is the same Franklin Delano Roosevelt who refused entry into the United States to desperate Jews even when they had legally obtained US visas; the same Roosevelt who refused to bomb the Nazi death camps or even the railways leading to the death camps, thus ensuring that the extermination of the European Jews proceeded at full steam until the very end of the war; the same Roosevelt who refused to issue a clear condemnation of the mass killings of Jews, lest it mobilize the American citizenry in defense of the Jews.[9] He was not the exception: The Western governments cooperated closely with the Nazi Final Solution by making it impossible for most Jews to escape Europe. This demonstrated that ‘the Jews’ did not secretly control these governments. The belief that they did, however, was instrumental to the Final Solution itself because it fueled a general hysteria -- a pathological fear of the supposed danger posed by ‘the Jews’ -- which fear became the motivation for many in Europe to assist or directly to participate in the slaughter of an entire civilian population.

Such fears are very old: Western civilization is Christian, and Christians have defined themselves in opposition to Jews. I was raised Catholic, but I cannot deny that Western history is one long series of anti-Jewish massacres and expulsions caused by absurd accusations against the Jewish people, and stemming ultimately from the Gospel accusation that ‘the Jews’ supposedly murdered God, recreated and fueled recently by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ. The same Gibson, the son of Hutton Gibson, a famous Holocaust-denier (i.e. a person who says that the European Jewish population was not exterminated in WWII), recently expressed his drunken opinion: “Fucking Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”[10] This is exactly what Adolf Hitler used to say. HIR has produced a short summary and analysis of such accusations against the Jews throughout Western history, and their consequences, there to impress the point that we have here a recurrent Western cultural pattern, one to which every generation, it seems, falls prey:

 “The ‘Protocols of Zion’ in the broadest historical perspective”; from THE MODERN PROTOCOLS OF ZION: How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII; Historical and Investigative Research; 25 August 2005; by Francisco Gil-White.

And here we are again, with the same absurd fears driving a worldwide renaissance of antisemitism, repeating a pattern we cannot shake. Given the progress of events in the Middle East, the next mass anti-Jewish slaughter cannot be far off (as HIR has shown, the Muslim views of the Jews, and the legal framework to oppress them, were inherited from the Christians[10a]).

Now, but if ‘the Jews’ don’t control the mass media, and if this mass media instead viciously attacks the Jewish people (often under cover of supposedly opposing the policies of Israel, when the thing one ought to oppose are the genocidal policies of Israel’s neighbors), then one is entitled to ask the question: Why? Because if the media were free and independent it would be self-correcting, and antisemitic lies would not last long. So what power lies behind the mass media?

The National Security Act of 1947 gave US Intelligence the power to do anything it wants in secret without informing anybody. Essentially, therefore, the National Security Act gave US Intelligence absolute power, or absolute power within the confines of the US Intelligence budget. But since the size of this budget is itself a state secret, it is in practical terms unlimited. With the power it got in the National Security Act, US Intelligence has naturally corrupted the press, because the ability to create any reality one wishes is the ultimate form of power, as it allows the wire-pullers to produce fictional environments such that the public will demand what those in power wished to do anyway. The United States, in other words, is not a democracy but the theater of one.

This does not yet explain the anti-Jewish bias, however. But an additional aspect of the creation of US Intelligence does. As documented by historian Christopher Simpson in 1988 with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, US Intelligence was created by absorbing in secret tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals -- the lion’s share of the Nazi war criminal infrastructure, responsible for the slaughter of more than 5 million Jews.[10b] It is to such people, then, that control of the media was given when US Intelligence was given absolute power, and Christopher Simpson in fact documents that the corruption of the media took place almost immediately. Naturally, the controlled media initially obfuscated the significance of Simpson’s research, and then it proceeded to ignore it, as if it had never happened (subsequently, Simpson’s book was taken out of print, but you will find it in libraries). To read about all this, visit:

DID THE NATIONAL SECURITY ACT OF 1947 DESTROY FREEDOM OF THE PRESS?; Historical and Investigative Research; 3 January 2006; by Francisco Gil-White.

Once you understand who controls the media, it is not surprising that it should be apologizing for Hezbollah. This organization, after all, proudly models itself after the Nazis:

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\salute.jpg

Hezbollah 'soldiers' saluting in Nazi fashion

The current demonization of Israel in recent historical context

We’ve been to Qana before. Last time it was called Jenin.

In April 2002, the Israeli Defense Forces were accused of carrying out a massacre against civilian Arabs in the West Bank town of Jenin. No such thing took place, and the accusers have since confessed. Jenin was a nest of terrorists and it had a secret bombs-making factory, an arms-making factory, and from Jenin were issuing the great majority of suicide bombers who killed Israeli civilians in the Second Intifada. But the accusation was highly successful in mobilizing world opinion against Israel, and many people didn’t even notice when it was revealed that the supposed ‘massacre’ had been a PLO hoax. The same is true for the Qana accusation: the evidence that it was all staged by Hezbollah is hardly getting the same kind of play in the news that the accusation itself received.

But Jenin itself was preceded by the accusation that the Serbs had supposedly committed a massacre in the Kosovo town of Racak. Here too, it was obvious that no such massacre had taken place, and it has since been shown that it was a KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) hoax perpetrated in collusion with US Intelligence to give NATO an excuse to start NATO’s horrific bombing of Serbia (unlike the Israelis, NATO did not drop leaflets to warn civilians, but repeatedly dropped bombs on targets that had zero military value, such as a TV station with its personnel in it, and it also bombed entire columns of Albanian refugees who were not cooperating with the NATO propaganda strategy by returning to their homes instead of streaming out of the province to give credence to NATO’s claims that the Serbs were supposedly murdering and expelling Albanians[11]).

It does not seem like coincidence that the Serbs were the fiercest defenders of the Jews in World War II, to the point of giving their lives to protect them from their Nazi enemies (it is only because few people know the history of Yugoslavia that the demonization of the Serbs succeeded).[12] It likewise does not seem coincidental that Helena Ranta, the Finish pathologist whom NATO sent to ‘investigate’ the Racak accusations, and who lied to the world when she falsely accused the Serbs of committing a massacre (an accusation that her own study, published much later, roundly refuted), should be the same Helena Ranta that Israel’s accusers wanted as an ‘investigator’ in Jenin.

To read about all this, visit:

“THE ROAD TO JENIN: The Racak ‘massacre’ hoax, and those whose honesty it places in doubt: Helena Ranta, NATO, the UN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Associated Press, and Human Rights Watch”; Historical and Investigative Research; October 2005; by Francisco Gil-White.

This was certainly not the only fraudulent accusation against the Serbs, and since we began with a phony photograph, take a look at this one:

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\yugo\time.jpg

This photograph was presented as showing a death camp run by Bosnian Serbs who were supposedly executing Bosnian Muslims. Jared Israel and Petar Makara of Emperor’s Clothes have shown in their documentary film Judgment! that this was a hoax: it was in reality a refugee camp where the Bosnian Serbs were protecting, feeding, and giving medical attention to Bosnian Muslims who were fleeing another Iranian-backed Islamo-terrorist movement: Alija Izetbegovic’s Handzar Division (a recreation of the WWII Nazi SS Handzar Division) and related forces.[13] Israel and Makara were able to show this beyond any doubt because the British ITN team, which perpetrated this hoax, was filmed by a Serbian team while it did this, and they are caught red-handed in the Serbian footage.[14] But even without Judgment! this hoax is perhaps even more obvious than the Reuters photo with which we began. The fence, as you can see above, is made of chicken-wire -- a child can kick through it; the man in front is the only one who looks at all skinny; he is not naked, he is holding his shirt in his hand because it was a hot summer day; most importantly: he is smiling. The only reason this hoax succeeded is that most people do not imagine that TIME magazine could publish a hoax on its front cover, and the power of this innocent assumption is considerable, so they look at the photograph and see only what they are told to see.

To read more about how the media -- in collusion with Western PR companies -- purposefully demonized the Serbs in Bosnia, read:

“Who started the war in Bosnia? And who committed genocide? Was it the Bosnian Serbs, as NATO and the mass media alleged, or the Bosnian Muslim followers of Alija Izetbegovic?”’ from WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BOSNIA?; Historical and Investigative Research; 19 August 2005; by Francisco Gil-White.


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Clearly, something is very wrong with the mass media, whether or not you accept the specific model defended by HIR.

As I said in a previous piece on the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the media cannot be trusted to report this conflict fairly, and we should expect many more fraudulent accusations against the Israelis. Over and over again, the Western ruling classes, with their stranglehold on the world media, will tell you that the Jews are monsters, like they have for 2000 years. Don’t believe it.


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Footnotes and Further Reading

[1] Honest Reporting’s piece is here:
“Bold Distortions and Outright Lies: A Reuters photo turns out to be an outright lie, manipulated to make damage in Beirut appear much worse than reality”; Honest Reporting; 6 August 2006.

Charles Johnson’s piece is here:

[2] “Bold Distortions and Outright Lies: A Reuters photo turns out to be an outright lie, manipulated to make damage in Beirut appear much worse than reality”; Honest Reporting; 6 August 2006.

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[5] When he came back from his tour of Lebanon, Jan Egeland, U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said that “I heard them [Hezbollah] saying they were proud of losing fewer armed men than civilians. It’s hard to see how they could be proud of such a situation.”

SOURCE: REVEALED How Hezbollah puts the innocent at risk; They don't care, Sunday Mail (South Australia), July 30, 2006 Sunday, Final Edition, NEWS; Pg. 4, 599 words, Chris Tinkler

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[7] “The American public understands what the war between Israel and Hezbollah is about and what it is not about. It is not about occupation; it is not about an effort by poor, oppressed Palestinians to get Israel out of their land; it is not about a two-state solution.

What it is about is the fate of the democratic State of Israel, which was attacked, once again, by enemies dedicated to its destruction. That Americans see the reality clearly is manifest in a pair of polls: No fewer than 83% say Israel is justified in its military action, while fully 76% disapprove of Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel, according to Gallup. A CNN poll found some 57% are sympathetic to Israel, while only 4% are sympathetic to Hezbollah.

Actually, any other perception would be astonishing. Israel is not an occupying power. It pulled out of Lebanon six years ago. The Israeli withdrawal behind an internationally recognized border back in 2000 was supposed to be followed by the disarming of Hezbollah, as called for by UN Security Council Resolution 1559.

That didn’t happen. On the contrary, Hezbollah, supplied and financed by Iran and Syria, created a network of rockets and weapons bunkers in southern Lebanon. Last month’s kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldiers not engaged in hostilities, accompanied by the wave of rockets fired into Israeli cities and towns, was a gross act of warfare and a crime against humanity. The airborne weapons were packed with ball bearings - not to destroy military assets but to maximize suffering by shredding human flesh.”


[9] To read about Franklin Delano’s policy toward the Jewish people in the middle of the Holocaust, visit:

1939-1945 -- US policy toward the Jewish people during the World War; from “IS THE US AN ALLY OF ISRAEL: A Chronological look at the evidence”; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White.

[10] “‘Are you a Jew?’ an extremely drunk Mel Gibson asked the Malibu traffic cop who had pulled him over. Apparently without waiting for a response, the actor then declared: ‘Fucking Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.’”

SOURCE: Mel Gibson isn’t the only conspiracy theorist,  The Independent (London), August 4, 2006 Friday,  Final Edition, NEWS; Pg. 39, 1100 words, DOMINIC LAWSON

[10a] "Was Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th c. fundamentally different from the European variety?"; from UNDERSTANDING THE PALESTINIAN MOVEMENT; Historical and Investigative Research; 22 April 2006; by Francisco Gil-White

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[11] REAL CIVILIAN CASUALTIES VS. THE FREEZER TRUCK HOAX; Historical and Investigative Research; 23 September 2002; by Francisco Gil-White & Jared Israel.

[12] At the height of World War II, in 1943, Ruth Mitchell wrote a book entitled The Serbs Chose War to document and celebrate the valiant fight of the Serbs against German Nazism, and against Nazi allies within Yugoslavia. In her book she reproduces in full a letter

"...written by a Jewish physician, a professor in the Department of Medicine in the University of Belgrade, to a friend in London on his escape from Yugoslavia in 1942. As the writer is a Jew, for the sake of relatives who remain in Yugoslavia his name cannot be used."

This letter tells a remarkable tale of Serbian moral bravery. Here it is:

[Text Of The Letter Begins Here]

“In Yugoslavia there were 85,000 Jews, including Jewish émigrés from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Thanks to the Serbs, the Yugoslav Jews had succeeded in saving and rescuing many of their compatriots from Germany and German-occupied countries. Service rendered and assistance given to Jews by Yugoslav consular officials in Austria and Czechoslovakia has specially to be recognized. Of the total number of Jews in Yugoslavia about 7,500 were refugees.

“After the [Nazi invasion in 1941]...the Jews came under the rule of various regimes, including Pavelich's 'Independent Croatian State'.

“The 'solution' of the Jewish question in the Independent Croatia devolved upon the Croatian Ustashis. [This was the clerical-fascist regime set up in Croatia with Nazi approval.] In Serbia, however, the Jewish problem was not dealt with by the Serbs themselves. This the Germans reserved for themselves. There are special reasons for this. When they occupied Serbia, the Germans did not find any anti-Semitic feeling in the country. They could not persuade either the local population or the local authorities to take any anti-Semitic measures.

“The fact that Nedich [the Serbian quisling government, installed after the Nazi invasion] twice demanded from the German commanding officer in Serbia and the Banat that he and his government should be given the right to settle the Jewish problem, against whom no drastic measures should and could be taken in Serbia, shows the feeling of the Serbian people toward the Jews. The following reasons were given by Nedich to the Germans for this demand. If the Germans wanted the Serbs to calm down, it would be of first importance to stop the terrible persecution of the Serbian Jews. The Serbian people could not and would not accept such treatment 'of their compatriots of the Jewish religion.' The Serbs consider Jews as their brothers, only of a different religion. The answer which Nedich received from the Germans regarding this demand was 'that the Serbs have not attained a culture to the degree necessary to enable them to deal with the Jews. We ourselves shall settle the Jewish question in Serbia.'

“With regard to anti-Semitism, Yugoslavia can be divided into two parts, i.e., districts where this feeling was latent, and Serbia, where, it can be said without any exaggeration, anti-Semitic feeling has never had any root.

“During Yugoslavia's twenty-three years of existence, Serbia has always professed the free democratic tradition existing in the former Kingdom of Serbia. There in the nineteenth century, and later in the twentieth, the Jews always had full civic rights and complete equality with their Serbian compatriots. This equality was not only granted in various constitutions of the Kingdom of Serbia and later of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but it was also a true expression of the relationship between the Orthodox Serbs and the Jews in their everyday contact. This friendly and amicable relationship also existed in the economic, financial, and political life in Serbia. The small group of Jews living in Serbia gave their contribution towards the cultural and political life in Serbia's struggle for the formation of a state of South Slavs. The Jews had in Serbia members of Parliament. In Serbia's struggle for liberation, the Jews gave their contribution. Several were awarded the Karadgeorge Star for bravery in the battlefield - equivalent to the British V.C.

“About a year before Yugoslavia was attacked by Germany, by pressure from the Reich and in their attempt to suit their policy to the dictators, the Tsvetkovich-Machek Government passed the first anti-Semitic measure in Yugoslavia. The Government was not unanimous on this point. Dr. Koroshets, leader of the Slovenes, upheld the measure as Minister of Education. Serbian cabinet ministers, however, including the Minister of War, refused to apply the act. The application of it was confined to the Ministry of Education, under the Slovene, Dr. Koroshets, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, under the Croat[ian], Dr. Andres.

“In all the schools and universities, numerous restrictions were applied by circular, but in Serbia, Serb teachers and professors succeeded in avoiding or sabotaging the regulations.

“In this regard Serbia completely differed from Croatia under Dr. Machek and the district governor or Ban, Shubashich. In Croatia anti-Semitism was inherited from Austria-Hungary. Anti-Semitic centers had always existed. Dr. Shubashitch's Croatia had even prepared elaborate laws and regulations just before the war broke out in Yugoslavia in 1941. A large part of the industries in Jewish hands in Croatia was to be confiscated and nationalized. Anti-Semitism was particularly stressed in Croatia by the right wing of Dr. Machek's Croatian Peasant Party.

“This report could be divided into two parts - the first beginning with the entry of German troops into Belgrade in April 1941 to the beginning of August 1941; the second from the middle of August 1941 until the closing down of the office of the 'Jewish section' late in 1942. The section was closed because there were no longer any Jews in occupied Serbia. During the first stage the Jews were tortured, persecuted, maltreated, taken for forced labor. Well-known Jews and Serbs were taken to German concentration camps. Women of the intelligentsia class were forced to clean latrines in the German barracks, to clean floors and sweep streets under the supervision of the S.S. troops. They were made to clean the windows of high houses from the outside, and several of them lost their lives through falling down. Jewish girls were violated and taken to 'Militar-Medi'. Already during the first stage the Jews were deprived of all their property and most of them were evicted from their homes.

“In the second period male Jews were sent to concentration camps. But quite a number of men and young Jews succeeded in escaping to the villages, where they lived with Serbian peasant families. A number later joined the guerrillas. A considerable number of youths from the Jewish Zionist organization, which co-operated with the Serbian organizations for the preparation of resistance, actively helped the guerrilla fighters. Many collected hospital material for the guerrillas or posted anti-German posters in Belgrade streets. The name of Almozmo, a schoolboy of ten, the son of a well-known Belgrade dispensing chemist in Peter Street, should be mentioned. He threw bombs at two armored German cars and a tank in Grobljanska Street in Belgrade and blew them up. His elder brother, a medical student, is still fighting in Bosnia, in spite of the order that the mayor and members of the rural councils would be shot if such cases were discovered in their villages.

“Some forty of my relatives were shot in Belgrade by the Germans. I am, however, very proud to say that today two small relatives of mine, one of five and one of seven years of age, whose parents were shot by the Gestapo, are being hidden by two Serbian mothers.

“No German measures in Belgrade were able to upset the friendly relations between the Serbs and Jews. During the forced-labor period Serbs talked to their Jewish friends in the streets even in front of the German soldiers and police. During the period well over 300,000 Serbs were massacred by the Croat Ustashi in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Lika and some 60,000 shot by the Germans in Serbia, during the period when Serbian students and peasants were hung in the main square in Belgrade, the Serbs of the capital had sufficient courage to protest publicly their indignation at the treatment of the Jews.

“When Jewish women were transported in lorries to the concentration camps, Serb shopkeepers in the streets through which these processions passed closed their shops and their houses, thus expressing not only their protest, but also emphasizing the fact that the entire population of Serbia, yesterday and today, does not and cannot participate in the extermination of their Jewish neighbors.

“The example of the Serbian people with regard to the Jews is unique in Europe, particularly in the southern part of the continent. In spite of intensive German propaganda in writing and through the wireless, the Serbs remained unaffected. When we consider what happened to the Jews in neighboring countries, in the "Independent State of Croatia," Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria, the Serbian example shines out.

“Today there are no more Jews left in Serbia, except some children hidden by the Serbs and those fighting along with the Serbs in the forests. I saved my own life thanks to my Serbian friends. I was saved from certain death. Serbian peasants and my other friends also saved from death my only son, who was on several occasions sought by the Gestapo in Belgrade.

“It is my desire as a Jew and as a Serb that in free democratic countries where Jews are still enjoying full freedom and equality they should show gratitude to the Serbian people, pointing out their noble acts, their humane feelings, and their high civic consciousness and culture....

“I cannot conclude this report without mentioning how the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch Gavrilo, and his clergy tried to save Serbian Jews and Gypsies. Up to the present day the Germans have massacred I70,000 Gypsies, men, women, and children, in Serbia and the Banat. Serbian Orthodox priests and the Serbian peasantry risked their lives not only to save ordinary Jews and their children but also to save those Gypsies and their children. Today the chief rabbi of Yugoslav Jews lives in America. He was saved from the Gestapo, being smuggled out from Serbia from monastery to monastery by the Serbian clergy. He was handed over by one Serbian church to another, by one Serbian priest to another until he was passed on to Bulgarian territory. There, with the assistance of the Orthodox Bulgarian clergy, some of whom were his personal friends, he arrived at the Turkish frontier.”

[End Quote]

SOURCE: The Serbs Chose War, by Ruth Mitchell, Garden City Publishers, New York, 1943, (pp.260-264)

[13] To read about Izetbegovic’s Handzar Division, visit:

“Painting fascists as victims, and their victims as fascists: The mainstream media turned Bosnia upside down”; from WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BOSNIA?; Historical and Investigative Research; 19 August 2005; by Francisco Gil-White

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\reuters.jpg

The news service Reuters distributed this phony photo in order to accuse the Israelis.

Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\israelflag.gif


Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\israel\Lebanonflag.gif


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  What is wrong with the media? | 1

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When a wire service such as Reuters lies, the mainstream press lies across the board.

This is enough to give one pause: the supposedly free and independent press is in fact highly centralized.

Is it also deliberately dishonest?

And does it deliberately attack the Jews?


























































Western civilization is Christian, and Christians have defined themselves in opposition to Jews.

Thus, Western history is one long series of anti-Jewish massacres and expulsions caused by absurd accusations against the Jewish people.

These all stem, ultimately, from the Gospel accusation that ‘the Jews’ supposedly murdered God.




































































































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