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The modern "Protocols of Zion"
How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII

Historical and Investigative Research
25 Aug 2005, by Francisco Gil-White


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. . .continued from part 6

7. Why do people say that ‘the Jews’ control the media? They don’t.

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< Introduction

< General Electric -- not controlled by Jews

< Time-Warner -- not controlled by Jews

< Rupert Murdoch's empire -- not controlled by Jews

< Who controls the media?

< Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s failed attempt to control Universal, and the lessons therein

< Final remarks


Before WWII, the Nazis and their sympathizers made popular all over the world the allegation that ‘the Jews’ controlled everything in secret, including the mass media, and that they would use this clandestine power to hurt us all. The accusations were widely believed because they were built on a long tradition of Western accusations against the Jews going back to the first century, when they were accused of killing God: a cultural inertia (see Part 1). The Nazi accusations of the supposed clandestine total power of ‘the Jews,’ plus supposed evil intent of the same, produced a pan-Western anti-Jewish hysteria that fueled the genocide of more than 5 million Jews, which repeated the consequences of similar accusations in previous centuries in the West (see Part 1). We are back where we started. It is almost impossible to be both alive and in the West and not have heard the allegation that “the Jews control the media.” As before, the accusation is a lie. This piece will demonstrate that most of the big media is not controlled by ‘the Jews,’ and that when people claiming a Jewish identity do own a big media company, this company will be especially careful to take an anti-Jewish slant.

Where to start?

Let’s take a look at General Electric, one of the greatest media powerhouses.

General Electric -- not controlled by Jews


This is a publicly traded company, so it is owned by the stockholders, not by ‘the Jews.’ In any case, companies are run by their CEO’s. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of this company for many years was Jack Welch who, as The New Yorker informs me, is “the grandson of Irish immigrants… [H]is mother, Grace, [was] a strict Roman Catholic…”[1] And this religious orientation apparently lingered, because the Toronto Star says that “Welch [is] a devout Catholic.”[2] Whatever else that means, it certainly means that Welch is not Jewish.

The current CEO at General Electric is one Jeffrey Immelt, whose last name is German. USA Today reports that he is a “Presbyterian.”[3] Whatever else that means, it means that Jeffrey Immelt is not Jewish.

This is already a lot of media that is -- and has been -- controlled by non-Jews.

General Electric owns NBC/Universal Television Studio, and NBC/Universal Television and Universal Pictures, and 30% of Paxson Communications.

It also owns the following NBC stations: WNBC (New York), KNBC (Los Angeles), WMAQ (Chicago), WCAU (Philadelphia), KNTV (San Jose/San Francisco), KXAS (Dallas/Fort Worth), WRC (Washington), WTVJ (Miami), KNSD (San Diego), WVIT (Hartford), WNCN (Raleigh), WCMH (Columbus), WVTM (Birmingham), WJAR (Providence).

In addition, GE owns the following: Telemundo Stations: KVEA/KWHY (Los Angeles), WNJU (New York), WSCV (Miami), KTMD (Houston), WSNS (Chicago), KXTX (Dallas/Fort Worth), KVDA (San Antonio), KSTS (San Jose/San Francisco), KDRX (Phoenix), KNSO (Fresno), KMAS (Denver), WNEU (Boston/Merrimack), KHRR (Tucson), and WKAQ (Puerto Rico).

And, finally, GE owns the following channels: CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Mun2TV, Sci-Fi, Trio, and USA.[4]

That’s a lot of media. And yet, compared to Time-Warner, General Electric is not such a big media empire.

Time-Warner -- not controlled by Jews


This company used to be called AOL-Time-Warner back when AOL was still an admired company. In January 2003 the Washington Post reported as follows:

“The announcement Sunday that Steve Case will yield the company chairmanship in May leaves [Richard D.] Parsons alone at the top of the world’s largest media company [Time-Warner].”[10]

The notice for Parsons’ mother’s death, in the New York Times, states that “A funeral service will be held on Friday, January 16. at 10am at New Hope Lutheran Church.”[11] Whatever else that means, it means that Richard D. Parsons is not Jewish. So “the world’s largest media company” is run by a non-Jew.

Steve Case, the man who ran AOL-Time-Warner before Parsons got the job, celebrated mass at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral after his brother Dan died.[12] Whatever else that means, it means that Steve Case is not Jewish.

It is true that the CEO at Time-Warner in the period 1992 to 2002 was Gerald Levin, who is Jewish. But that’s over now. And it is worth pointing out that during Levin’s tenure Time-Warner did not have a pro-Jewish line. On the contrary. Consider only that CNN was acquired by Time-Warner in 1996, during Levin’s tenure, and CNN is Time-Warner’s major TV news operation. Vincent Cannistraro, incessant enemy of Israel, was appearing regularly on CNN when Levin acquired it (more than once a month in 1994).[13] But after CNN became part of Time-Warner, CNN did not expose Cannistraro as a terrorist -- on the contrary, he continued to appear on CNN as a trusty counter-terrorism ‘expert.’ And in 2001, with Gerald Levin still presiding as CEO, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer referred to Vincent Cannistraro’s Washington Post editorial (which defends the human rights of those who murder innocent Israeli children) in order to make his own anti-Israel attack.[14]

Rupert Murdoch's empire -- not controlled by Jews


Moving on, I have heard it said that Rupert Murdoch is supposedly Jewish, but this is because “Murdoch’s mother is frequently mis-reported to be Jewish -- although this is not the case.”[15] Now, if Murdoch’s mother is not Jewish, I wonder why she is “frequently mis-reported to be Jewish…”? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Rupert Murdoch presides over “one of the world’s largest and most influential media corporations”? In any case, as the same source informs me, “Rupert’s father was the son of a Presbyterian minister from Scotland.” Whatever else that means, it means that Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish.

As in the case of Murdoch’s mother, Murdoch’s media is also frequently mis-reported to be pro-Jewish. To see that this is false, consider only that FOX TV is part of Murdoch’s media empire. This TV company has had Vincent Cannistraro as an interview guest, dressing him up as a ‘counter-terrorism’ expert,[16] and it has used him as a supposedly authoritative source on multiple occasions.[17] It has also interviewed Raymond McGovern as a representative of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).[18]

Does FOX TV have a pro-Israel bent, as has been alleged? I have a pro-Israel bent, which is why I have taken the trouble to document whether or not Vincent Cannistraro and Ray McGovern, who are prominently on display attacking Israel, can be believed. Why doesn’t FOX TV do this? It is incredibly easy to do. If FOX TV is really competing with the other media outlets, and if they are pro-Israel, why aren’t they demonstrating to their viewers that one cannot trust Vincent Cannistraro and Raymond McGovern, prominent enemies of Israel? This would simultaneously advance FOX’s supposedly pro-Israel bent and would demonstrate the inferiority of their media competition, which has been pushing Cannistraro and McGovern as ‘experts’ you can trust (see here, and here). Instead, FOX TV helps burnish Cannistraro’s and McGovern’s images as supposed ‘experts,’ like everybody else.

Who controls the media?

Many Jews are employed in the mass media, and they are overrepresented. Jews are overrepresented in all the professions, because they have always been the literate culture par excellence, and whenever given the opportunities they do their best to get a quality education. But, as the above documentation makes clear, ‘the Jews’ obviously don’t control the mass media.

Let us now examine the opposite hypothesis to the one underlying the claim that the media is controlled by ‘the Jews.’ This would be the hypothesis that the antisemites are the ones everywhere in power. Is this a reasonable view? Well, what predictions does it make? I can think of two predictions that are relatively straightforward.

Prediction 1. A media company that defends the Jews will not be allowed to prosper.

Evidence: Israel National Radio has indeed been persecuted for no better reason than that it defends Israel, opposing the Oslo so-called ‘peace’ process that revived the PLO when it had already been defeated, and which has contributed to so many innocent deaths in Israel. You may read about that here:

"On the importance of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva)"; Historical and Investigative Research; 30 June 2006; by Francisco Gil-White

Corollary. A media company owned or controlled by Jews that does prosper will have to be an ‘exception that proves the rule.’ It will be an exception in that the company really will be owned or controlled by ethnic Jews (most big media companies aren’t), but it will prove the rule by attacking the Jews as loudly -- or perhaps more loudly -- than the rest of the big media. Why? Because otherwise the antisemites in power will not allow such a media company to prosper, as per the first prediction, above.

Evidence: Let us take a look at the performance of the The New York Times and The Washington Post during the Holocaust, because both are big media companies that have been Jewish-owned, and because the Holocaust simply had to be opposed -- it was not a morally ambiguous issue. The following is from Kenneth Levin's The Oslo Syndrome:

“The failure of most media outlets to give prominent coverage to news related to the Nazis' campaign of extermination compromised efforts to increase public awareness and rally support for rescue, and prominent Jewish-owned news outlets shared in this failure. The New York Times, in the years before the war, had already established a pattern of limiting discussion of the Nazis' depredations of the Jews. When, shortly after Hitler's ascension to power, the paper was challenged to open its letter columns to the plight of Germany's Jews, publisher Adolph Ochs refused. He explained that to do so would generate too much mail and would require, under Times rules, that he give equal space to the other side. (Almost two decades earlier, in 1915, Ochs had warned an editor against giving too prominent coverage to an American Jewish Committee campaign for aid to Jewish civilian populations that were enduring particular hardship in eastern European war zones. The publisher suggested that the campaign was too parochial.) When news of the mass killing began to emerge, the Times consistently buried the story. The revelation by Rabbi Wise in November, 1942, of two million Jews murdered was reported on page 10, next to an article about a truck hijacking in New Jersey.

People who have worked for and written about the Times have spoken of management's not wanting the Times to appear to be concerned with Jewish issues or to be thought of as a Jewish paper. But this explanation for the paper's subdued coverage of the plight of Europe's Jews is not simply a retrospective one; the nature of the Times' coverage, and the explanation for it, were perceived similarly by many people then. For example, Deborah Lipstadt writes that a resolution by 500 Christian ministers and laymen donouncing the 'systematic Nazi destruction of the Jewish people' was given only a few lines by the Times and buried in page 7, and a similar event was reported on page 17. Villard blamed the paper's 'unfortunate trait' of not wanting to appear 'a vigorous defender' of the Jews.

...The Washington Post, also a Jewish-owned paper in a position to influence the level of public awareness and attention, likewise gave little prominence to coverage of the genocide. Moreover, publisher Eugene Meyer strongly objected to calls for rescue. The paper ran a four-part front page series -- much higher profile than it gave any Holocaust story -- attacking the Bergson group [which was pushing for a rescue effort]; a series that it subsequently had to retract because of inaccuracies. In addition, Meyer wrote a letter to the U.S. solicitor general accusing those promoting rescue of harassing the president, and concluded that he felt it is not 'necessary for any pressure group, however well meaning, to devote its time and money to the business of 'molding American opinion' on this subject.”[9]

The above suggests that ‘the Jews’ do not even control the media that is owned by individual Jews. This is consistent with the Jews being an oppressed people, which is of course the opposite of a conspiracy holding the reins of world power (and it fits the pattern, doesn’t it, of the last 2000 years, in which there has been one anti-Jewish massacre after another, with relentless regularity, and often mobilized by the accusation that the Jews are supposed to be a secret conspiracy in power!; see Part 1).

Prediction 2. The real powerbrokers should discriminate against Jews in the buying and selling of big media.

Evidence: Edgar Bronfman's difficulties in becoming a media mogul, which I examine below.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s failed attempt to control Universal, and the lessons therein

As mentioned above, these days GE owns Universal. But Edgar Bronfman Jr. wanted to buy it himself and tried to. We shall examine this because Bronfman is Jewish and the details of his failed bid for Universal are quite instructive.

The Los Angeles Times explains that “Edgar Bronfman Jr. wanted to be a media mogul,” and so badly that he “orchestrated the sale of his family’s company [Seagram] finance his dream of a global media empire built around Universal Studios….”[5] To see what Bronfman was willing to risk to become a media mogul, consider only that “the expensive Hollywood gamble cost the Bronfmans Universal, their liquor business, and a good portion of their multibillion-dollar fortune.”

But despite Bronfman’s unrivaled passion to become a media mogul, it was simply not to be. After buying Universal from gentiles (Matsushita, a Japanese company), he had to sell it to Vivendi, also run by gentiles, less than a year later, holding it for about as long as a rugby player holds a ball. When he tried to get Universal back, no matter what he offered, Bronfman couldn’t, as we shall see.

It was Jean-Marie Messier who presided as CEO of Vivendi when this company acquired Universal from Edgar Bronfman. This Messier had been buying up a lot of stuff, and lots of articles have been written to explain the troubles at Vivendi as resulting from Messier’s “acquisition spree,” which overextended the company. But in a Slate article dated 6 August 2003 Messier himself alleged that Vivendi-Universal didn’t work out for a different reason: “According to Messier, the clannish Jews in Hollywood had it in for the gentile [i.e. non-Jewish] Frenchman.”[6] Whatever else that means, it means that Jean-Marie Messier is not Jewish.

And Messier was replaced in 2002 by Jean-Rene Fourtou, whose name appears to indicate that he isn't Jewish either.

Now, the current CEO of Vivendi is Jean-Bernard Lévy, whose name does appear Jewish. However, it turns out that the man who really calls the shots, anyway, as the New York Times explained in 2003, is Claude Bébéar, who is considered by many “a sinister ‘godfather’ of old-style crony capitalism” and who is described as “a practicing Roman Catholic.”[7] Whatever else that means, it means that Claude Bébéar is not Jewish.

Bébéar has so much power that he decides who gets to be CEO at Vivendi, as the New York Times explained in the same article:

“In 1991, [Bébéar] stormed the United States with a $1 billion investment in the Equitable Life Assurance group, a business he later turned into an AXA unit. That gave him credibility in international finance and helped him install Mr. Fourtou last year as Vivendi’s chairman, to replace Jean-Marie Messier, who was ousted after Vivendi was crushed by debt from an acquisition spree that involved big American deals.”

Now, for the Bronfman drama.

Three years after selling his beloved media empire to Vivendi, Edgar Bronfman Jr. put together “a desperate bid to regain Universal” when Vivendi, chafing under Messier's “acquisition spree,” announced that it would sell Universal. Other competitors backed out when Bronfman outbid them all. But despite all this, the man whom “practicing Catholic” Claude Bébéar installed at Vivendi to correct Messier's “acquisition spree,” Jean-Rene Fourtou, still sold Universal to somebody else: to non-Jews: to General Electric.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times:

“[Bronfman] cast himself in the self-described role of ‘lion tamer’ to a group of unruly private investors, pulling them together long enough to tender a $13-billion bid to buy back his Universal empire. . . .by September, when Vivendi chairman Jean-Rene Fourtou promised to name a winner, it looked as though Bronfman might have triumphed. Up to that point, every Hollywood high-roller...had dropped out of the bidding for Universal. . . Their reasons were simple: Vivendi wanted too much money.

But Bronfman. . .had a score to settle, as well as a fundamental belief in Universal’s intrinsic value. The studio might not currently be worth the $14 billion Vivendi was demanding, but Bronfman thought the asking price was close enough that he meant to stay in the game to the end.

Then, on the morning after Labor Day, when Bronfman prepared to bask in the limelight as the once and future mayor of Universal City, Vivendi’s Fourtou announced the $14-billion NBC deal [that is, with NBC's parent company, General Electric].”[8]

This is very clear.

If “Bronfman. . .had a score to settle. . .[and]. . .meant to stay in the game to the end,” it was obviously easier to wring an extra billion or two from Bronfman than from anybody else. He was passionate about getting the company back and would have gone higher if asked to. But he was not asked to! Vivendi sold Universal to GE even though GE offered not one penny more than Vivendi’s asking price.

So this may be considered evidence for how rich gentiles discriminate against rich Jews in the buying and selling of big media; it is certainly not evidence that ‘the Jews’ control the media.

And once again: If Bronfman had been allowed to create the Universal media empire he so lusted after, his media would have almost certainly attacked the Jews. Consider only that Edgar Bronfman Sr., the man’s father, from his perch atop the World Jewish Congress, has behaved in some ways as a high-profile anti-Israel operative. In the early years of the Reagan administration, Edgar Bronfman Sr. lent his name to various diplomatic attacks against Israel, and in 1985 he was the leader of an attempt to maneuver behind Israel’s back and saddle it with a terrorist PLO state next door. Bronfman is a citizen of the US, not Israel, and Israeli patriots repudiated him.[9a]

But that was mild. This is how far Bronfman Sr. has gone to attack the Jews:

“Edgar Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress, ...suggested the [Jewish] settlements [in the West Bank and Gaza] were the key obstacle to peace and echoed [Hebrew University] professor [Ze’ev] Sternhell in advising the Palestinians that they would be wise to focus their terror attacks on settlers.”[9b]

What Bronfman Sr.’s performance suggests is that what is true for Jewish-owned media in an antisemitic universe will be true for powerful Jews in general, whether or not they are media moguls: the reason they have been allowed to become powerful is that they do not defend the Jews, and on the contrary appear to take pleasure in attacking them. This is not speculation, and interested readers may consult the following HIR investigation on the behavior of a wide cross-section of Diaspora Jewish leaders.

"How mainstream Diaspora Jewish leaders are failing the Jewish people today"; Historical and Investigative Research; 22 March 2006; by Francisco Gil-White

Final remarks


Now, this is strictly for fun, but let me point something out.

When we do find Jews among the powerful media controllers, they don’t defend the Jewish people at all. But we don’t find that many. What we find is a rather large number of powerful news media controllers who are Christian: Jack Welch, Catholic; the mighty godfather who really calls the shots at Vivendi (and at many other places), Claude Bébéar, another Catholic; and Steve Case, who’s also Catholic. Then we have Jeffrey Immelt, Presbyterian; and Rupert Murdoch, another Presbyterian. Richard D. Parsons is a Lutheran. All Christians!


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It is a historical fact that the Christian gospels slander ‘the Jews’ with the false accusation that they killed God (see Part 1 of this series). It is a historical fact that Christians have long persecuted Jews in the West (see Part 1 of this series). And it is a fact documented in this series that the media is anti-Jewish (see Parts 2 through 5). Finally, we have seen that the US government acquiesces in the media attacks against Israel when it could easily counter them (see Part 6 of this series). And yet, somehow, the rumor is not about a Christian conspiracy to attack the Jewish people -- despite the fact that, as you now clearly see, ‘the Christians’ control the mass media.

Curious, isn’t it?

The whole thing reminds me of a saying from The Wizard of Oz: “Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain. . .!”

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