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The modern "Protocols of Zion"
How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII

Historical and Investigative Research
25 Aug 2005, by Francisco Gil-White


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. . .continued from part 1

2. The mainstream Western media loves Raymond McGovern and Vincent Cannistraro, former CIA agents and anti-Israeli propagandists.

Very few people get as much media exposure as Raymond McGovern and Vincent Cannistraro, and that is what I will establish here.

The first record I can find of Raymond McGovern expressing himself in the media as a pundit, after retiring from the CIA, is an 822-word editorial published in 1999 by the Boston Globe.[1] In 2000, the Christian Science Monitor published a Raymond McGovern Op-Ed, and another one in 2001.[2] Then it really took off. In 2002 USA Today, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today again, the Boston Globe, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Washington Post all carried editorials by Raymond McGovern.[3] His pieces expressed opinions concerning intelligence and foreign policy matters and his past CIA experience was invariably listed as a credential either in the headline or in the signature.

Then, in January of 2003, Raymond McGovern and other ex-spies founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), an organization that specializes in criticizing the US government for perceived intelligence and foreign policy failures.[4] Immediately following that, the mainstream Western press began using Raymond McGovern as an ‘expert source’ for quotes and wise reflections, and as a news item, in their news stories, whenever he or VIPS said anything in public about US intelligence. This happened at the Guardian, the New York Times, the Ottawa Citizen, several times at the Independent (London), the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), the St. Petersburg Times (Florida), the Denver Post, the Buffalo News, and the New Zealand Herald.[5] Towards the end of the year the Atlanta Journal-Constitution gave Raymond McGovern an interview.[6]

TV and Radio also got very interested in McGovern in 2003 and used him both as an interview subject and a source of sound bites. This was done by News World International, KGO-AM (more than once), KPFA (more than once), CNN (lots of times), FOX News (a few times), NBC News, MSNBC (more than once), CNBC, WFLA-TV, KUSA-TV, Channel NewsAsia (more than once), and National Public Radio (NPR).[7]

From that point onwards Raymond McGovern has continued to be all over the place, and the press has vouched for him left and right as an ‘expert’ on intelligence matters whose only necessary credential is that he used to work for the CIA.

Let me now give you a sense for how dramatically Raymond McGovern is vouched for.

In August 2004, the New York Times published a review of Robert Greenwald’s film “Uncovered: The War on Iraq” that gushes with praise: “Mr. Greenwald’s film is sober and meticulous.” (Greenwald’s film is in fact a parade of ‘former CIA’ people giving their opinions, but never mind that.) In addition, says the NYT:

“Mr. Greenwald focuses on a simple, demonstrable point: that the war in Iraq was sold to Congress and the American public through a coordinated series of public misstatements that at best look like wishful thinking and at worst like outright deception.”[8]

And the NYT also writes,

“. . .the star of the show is Ray McGovern, an articulate and dryly funny former C.I.A. analyst who now heads the anti-invasion group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.”

So the most prestigious newspaper in the world defends the trustworthiness of a film that is a collection of quotes from ‘former CIA’ people, and that has for star one Raymond McGovern. Thus, by implication, the New York Times defends the trustworthiness of Raymond McGovern -- adding, for good measure, that he is likeable: “articulate and dryly funny.”

The mainstream Western media also loves Vincent Cannistraro. They quote and interview him incessantly as an authoritative ‘expert’ on intelligence and foreign policy issues, and his only credential is, again, that he used to work for the CIA.

A July 2005 search for Vincent Cannistraro in Lexis-Nexis (which archives a great deal of what the Western media publishes) turned up more than 700 news articles in major papers in which he was quoted or interviewed as an expert ever since the Washington Post celebrated his “debut” in this capacity in 1990. That gives an average of more than 4 quotes or interviews per month -- and that’s just in the major papers, not all of them archived by Lexis-Nexis.

In addition, Cannistraro has penned his own pieces in the major papers. He has done this at the Washington Post (three times), the St. Petersburg Times (Florida), and the Boston Globe (twice).[9]

For its part, the radio and TV world does not merely interview Vincent Cannistraro constantly on all matters having to do with security, intelligence, and foreign policy, presenting him always as an expert for having been “chief of operations and analysis at the CIA’s counterterrorism center”; they have also put him on the staff. Thus, he is now “Vince Cannistraro, an ABC News analyst and former CIA counterterrorism chief.”[10]


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McGovern and Cannistraro are ‘former CIA officials’ who get an enormous amount of air time in the Western mass media, teaching ordinary people what they are supposed to think concerning intelligence and foreign policy issues. In particular, as I will show later, McGovern and Cannistraro specialize in attacking Israel and defending the Jewish state’s terrorist enemies. I will examine such arguments in detail. But first let us ask the general question: Should you believe ‘former CIA officials’?

Why should you?

Continue to part 3:

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 Part 1 - Introduction: The "Protocols of Zion" in the broadest historical perspective.

 Part 2 -  The mainstream Western media loves Raymond McGovern and Vincent Cannistraro, former CIA agents and anti-Israeli propagandists.

  Part 3 -  Should you believe ‘former CIA officials’ such as Raymond McGovern and Vincent Cannistraro?

   Part 4 -  How the mass media covers for Vincent Cannistraro, terrorist, and creator of the Nicaraguan Contras.

   Part 5 -  McGovern and Cannistraro both attack Israel - with lies.

   Part 6 -  Why doesn’t the US government expose McGovern and Cannistraro?

   Part 7 -  Why do people say that ‘the Jews’ control the media? They don’t.












































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