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Should Jews support an independent Kosovo?

A short guide to what they should know.

Historical and Investigative Research - 16 February 2007
by Francisco Gil-White


A few days ago (2 February 2007) an article was published in the Forward (‘The Jewish Daily’) with the following headline: “Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence.”[1]  It would be a terrible mistake for Jews to do this.

I set below the main facts of what really happened in Yugoslavia, which are contrary to what most people have been led believe. This way, interested Jews can learn what it is they are being asked to endorse.


Jewish support for Kosovo independence is being sought today just as Jewish support was also sought for Alija Izetbegovic and his Muslim followers in the former Yugoslav province of Bosnia in the 1990s.

Why were the Jews asked to support Izetbegovic's Bosnian Muslims?

Simple: It was alleged that the Bosnian Serbs were supposedly committing genocide against the Bosnian Muslims. The Jews are perceived to be the worldwide experts in genocide. And the cry “Never Again!” -- against a repetition of something like the WWII German Nazi extermination of the European Jews -- has been extended in many contexts to mean no more genocides, period. Thus, if prominent Jewish leaders came out and lent their moral authority, denouncing the alleged genocide against the Bosnian Muslims, the Serbs would lose the propaganda war. This is precisely what happened.

Most Jews don't know the history of WWII Yugoslavia. The Serbs suffered as co-victims of the Nazis in WWII, dying in spectacular numbers alonside the Jews in death camps and murdered in their homes. And they suffered in this way in large measure because they were the only people in Europe aggressively to risk and also give their lives fighting to defend their Jewish compatriots.

Because most Jews are not aware of this history, they were misled and did not oppose the leaders of the major Jewish organizations when they supported Izetbegovic against the Bosnian Serbs.

It would have been extraordinary for the staunchly anti-Nazi Serbs to become what NATO alleged: "the new Nazis."  But this didn't happen. The Serbs did not commit genocide against the Bosnian Muslims.

This is what is true:

1) Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of the Bosnian Muslim faction supported by NATO and the Western media, was an Islamist terrorist who proudly explained in his book, Islamic Declaration, his goal to murder all infidels (non-Muslims) in Bosnia in order to create there a totalitarian Islamist state. Izetbegovic had his book republished for his political campaign in the early 1990s, immediately before the civil wars that he ignited.

2) Alija Izetbegovic, it seems, had earlier participated in the WWII genocide against Serbs, Jews, and Roma (Gypsies) in Yugoslavia. The least that can be said is that he was quite fond of that genocide, because he recreated during the 1990s the SS Handzar Division, a terrorist force created by the Nazis during WWII to murder innocent Serbs, Jews, and Roma all over Yugoslavia, where some of the worst massacres of the war took place. The new Handzar Division was a terrorist force, like the old one.

3) The original SS Handzar Division was created by the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who before the war had been organizing massive terrorist riots against innocent Jews in British Mandate ‘Palestine.’ During the war he met up with Hitler and became the top co-architect of the German Nazi Final Solution, together with Adolf Eichmann (some top Nazis involved with the Final Solution, such as Dieter Wisliceny, considered Husseini more important than Eichmann). After the war, Hajj Amin al Husseini mentored Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, and helped them create Al Fatah, the controlling core of the PLO.

4) The Serbs were not murdering anybody: they were defending their own homes from the terrorist attacks of Alija Izetbegovic’s terrorists (who had minority support among Bosnia’s Muslims, and therefore directed much violence against recalcitrant Muslims). The accusation that the Serbs were committing genocide was based on truly spectacular hoaxes that were repeated endlessly as confirmed fact in the mainstream Western media, in a campaign organized by the public relations firm Ruder Finn. That these were hoaxes is perfectly well documented. The leaders of several major Jewish organizations eagerly participated in the Ruder Finn campaign, lending a voice of ‘Jewish authority’ to the accusations against the Serbs, in the name of ‘the Jews.’ (Those pushing for Kosovo independence would like major Jewish organizations to repeat this sort of thing).

What about Kosovo?


In Kosovo we were also told by NATO and the Western mass media that the Serbs were committing genocide. This time, they claimed, the Serbs were killing innocent ethnic Albanians. Everybody believed it because the propaganda that the Serbs had supposedly committed genocide in Bosnia had already worked its magic. But this is what is true:

1) The Kosovo Albanians were the most carefully protected and enfranchised ethnic minority anywhere in the world, not coincidentally because the Serbs are easily the most tolerant people in the world, which is why they behaved the way they did in WWII, bravely standing by their Jewish brethren. The Albanians have a rather different culture, and during WWII they allied en masse with the Nazis and exterminated Serbs, Jews, and Roma (Gypsies) in Kosovo.

2) As in Bosnia, the accusation of the 1990s that the Serbs were killing innocent Albanian civilians in Kosovo was based on lies. The most important lie in Kosovo was the accusation that the Serbs had committed a massacre of Albanian civilians in the town of Racak (this became NATO's excuse to start bombing the Serbs). NATO sent Finish forensic Helena Ranta, to 'investigate' its own Racak accusations. Ranta said "crime against humanity" to the press, but her own investigation -- published long after the bombing -- shows that Racak was a hoax. The same Helena Ranta was also being sent by the UN to 'investigate' the UN's allegations that the Israeli Defense Forces had supposedly massacred Arab civilians in the West Bank town of Jenin. Jenin was also a hoax.

3) There is no question that the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), the terrorist organization that was agitating to separate Kosovo from Serbia, and which had minority support among the ethnic Albanians, killed quite a few innocent Albanians (the KLA publicly and proudly took responsibility for these murders). The reason is that these Albanians were not cooperating with the KLA’s program of violence against non-Albanians in Kosovo. By stark contrast, after the NATO bombing of Serbia -- which had for supposed purpose stopping the alleged Serbian genocide of the Kosovo Albanians -- NATO’s own forensic scientists were unable to show that even one Albanian civilian was murdered by the Serbian government.

4) Precisely because they couldn’t do this, at Slobodan Milosevic's trial at The Hague NATO brought in one Patrick Ball who tried to ‘prove’ a genocide without any evidence by playing footsie with supposed ‘statistics’ of refugee movements. But even without that absurdity his entire study -- on its own merits -- is a colossal fraud.

5) In addition to directing a campaign of genocide against the Serbian minority in Kosovo, the KLA also attacked the very few Jews and Roma (Gypsies) who still lived there. Kosovo today is judenrein, as the Nazis would say.

6) Since the NATO bombing of Kosovo, this place has become, under NATO supervision, a nightmare state run by the KLA terrorists, who oppress everybody, including Albanians. Kosovo is now the epicenter of the European heroin trade, and the world’s capital in the traffic of European female sex-slaves. The Albanian mafia (i.e. the KLA) now has its tentacles all over Europe, and is well integrated with other criminal organizations. In other words, the KLA has done to Kosovo what the PLO/Hamas has done to Gaza (and what they will do to Judea and Samaria): turn it into a gangster state.

Should the Jews endorse Kosovo independence?

If the Jews endorse Kosovo independence, they will be endorsing that terrorist Mulsim forces tracing their roots to the German Nazi Final Solution, and which have been directing terror against the greatest allies of the Jews, and against the Jews themselves, be rewarded for this terror.

What then will be the argument against rewarding the terror of PLO/Hamas, Muslim forces that also trace their roots to the German Nazi Final Solution, and which further their goal of exterminating the Jews by killing as many innocent Jews as they can?

If the Jews endorse Kosovo independence, they will be sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

[1] "Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence"; The Forward; Fri. Feb 02, 2007; by Marc Perelman.









































































































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