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The Big Picture

US policy towards Iran in the broadest historical perspective

Historical and Investigative Research - 5 Jan 2006
by Francisco Gil-White


The preceding pieces in this series strive to convince my reader that US policy towards Iran has been pro-Islamist since 1979, and that the Islamist Iranian mullahs have been US assets from the start. The point of this is to make sense of Bush Jr.'s war against Iraq, which, like his father's war against the same country, is designed to strengthen the Iranian Islamists.

The pieces that follow in this series will aim to show that US foreign policy towards Iran has been a continuation of British imperial policy, and that great consistency can be seen across the twentieth century and even before that. Many pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as we consider what British and US policy towards Iran has been, and what values have been at work, making the second half of the twentieth century and the early twenty-first in Iran a lot more comprehensible.

I will begin by analyzing the 1953 CIA coup in Iran that toppled the democratic and progressive government of Mohammed Mossadeq (also spelled Mossadegh), replacing it with a repressive, right-wing dictatorship led by Mohammed Reza Shah, a puppet of the United States. I will also be making comparisons, in the pieces that follow, between the 1953 coup and the Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Revolution of 1979. I believe these comparisons will be sufficient to show that the basic structure of the relationship between the US and Iran did not change in 1979, with the exception that the puppet government in Iran, since 1979, has pretended in public to be an enemy of the US ruling elite.

I will be posting here the links to the 'big picture' pieces. Here are the first two:

1) "HOW THE UNITED STATES DESTROYED DEMOCRACY IN IRAN IN 1953: Re-print of 16 April 2000 New York Times article"; with an introduction by Francisco Gil-White; Historical and Investigative Research, 5 January 2006;

2) "HOW THE NEW YORK TIMES LIED TO THE PUBLIC IN '53, AS IT DOES NOW: Re-print of 16 April 2000 New York Times article"; with commentary by Francisco Gil-White; Historical and Investigative Research, 5 January 2006

3) "If the Ayatollah Khomeini was an enemy of the United States ruling elite, why did he adopt the CIA's security service?"; Historical and Investigative Research - 21 Feb 2006
by Francisco Gil-White


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