The photo at right was taken from Penny Marshall's staged ITN footage.

Although the Western press said that the skinny man in front was a Muslim prisoner in a Serbian death camp, it is obvious that:

1) the man smiled for the camera;

2) he was shirtless
because he wanted to be, as he was holding his shirt in his hand (it was summer).

3) the fence supposedly keeping him prisoner was made of
chicken wire that a child could kick through,

4) hes the
only one in the photo that looks abnormally skinny.

The photos of Nazi death camps showed multitudes of abnormally skinny people who were involuntarily naked. They were kept prisoners by very good fences that were certainly not made of chicken wire and had lots of barbed wire, and which tended to be electrified. Such prisoners did not smile for the camera. Here is a photo of the fence at Dachau, for comparison:

Please Return me to the article documenting how the Bosnian Serbs were lied about:


If you would like to see the Emperor's Clothes movie Judgment!, which has footage from a Serbian television station that filmed the British team perpetrating the above hoax, visit: