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The Oslo War Process
Norwegian diplomats are the 'advance guard' of the US-European empire. They helped destroy Yugoslavia. They set Israel on the path to destruction. Now they will finish destroying Sri Lanka. Next: India. And Spain.

Historical and Investigative Research, 29 Oct 2005
by Francisco Gil-White


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6. Epilogue: Worry about the future: Norwegian "peace" is coming to Sri Lanka...  ...and India...
...and courtesy of Vollebaek!

What can we expect from the ‘peace’ process that Norway has launched for Sri Lanka?

Well, we know how well the much ballyhooed Norwegian ‘peace process’ for Israel is doing: it has been empowering Arab terrorists and progressively destroying the Jewish state. And we know how beneficial Norwegian diplomacy was to the Serbs: it destroyed their country and produced great massacres of innocent Serbian civilians.[1] We also know this: the man who laid the groundwork for the Sri Lankan peace process, establishing contacts with the Tamil Tiger terrorists (perhaps the worst terrorists in the world) is Knut Vollebaek.

Just how bad are the Tamil Tigers?

Well, consider that, according to the National Post (Canada) the LTTE “has staged more suicide bombings than all the Islamist terrorist groups combined.”[2] That’s quite a statistic.

But if that does not paint a colorful enough picture, consider this summary, provided by The Times of London[3]:

- 64,000 people have died in 18 years of civil war in Sri Lanka as the Tigers fought with government forces.

- Several political leaders have allegedly been assassinated by the Tigers, including Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, killed by a female suicide bomber in 1991, and Ranasinghe Premadasa, the President of Sri Lanka, who died in 1993. Gamini Dissanayake, a presidential candidate, was killed in 1994.

- Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the President of Sri Lanka, narrowly escaped assassination at the hands of the Tigers in 1999.

- Led by Velupillai Prabhakaran, the group pioneered the use of the suicide bomb. In the past decade in Sri Lanka, suicide bombers have killed 1,500 people.

- 4,000 of the Tigers’ 14,000-strong cadre are women, who are commonly used as suicide bombers because they are more inconspicuous.

- The group also use artillery, surface-to-air missiles and rocket launchers.

- The Tigers are notorious for recruiting and kidnapping children to fight for the cause.

- Tamil Tigers who are captured are expected to commit suicide by biting into a cyanide capsule that every fighter wears round the neck.


A Norwegian ‘peace’ process is designed to give the Tigers more of what they want, not less. A ‘peace’ process, by definition, will treat the Tiger terrorists as a political force that supposedly represents the Tamil people! This is precisely what Norwegian diplomatic intervention helped do for the brutal and terrorist KLA, and also for the terrorist Al-Fatah, also known as the PLO. In other words, The Tamil Tigers will become the recognized government for the Tamils, and will be given more autonomy, because this is how a Norwegian ‘peace’ process works. It does not matter that it is these very Tamil Tigers who are most responsible for the oppression and suffering of innocent Tamils. Correction: it must matter: this must be part of the point. Because, you see, it has been the case every time: the PLO is the greatest oppressor of West Bank and Gaza Arabs,[4] and the KLA is the greatest oppressor of Albanians.

But if only the problems with the “peace” process were to stop at Sri Lanka’s door!

In addition, there are many dangers to India in the Sri Lankan conflict (to a large extent they are self-inflicted because it was India that trained that Tamil Tigers). To understand the nature of this danger, it will be enough to read the following excerpt from the Financial Times, writing in May 2000:

[Quote From Financial Times Starts Here]

“…India’s dilemma is acute. It is wary of repeating its misjudged intervention [in Sri Lanka] of 1987-90, when it lost more than 1,200 troops and after which Rajiv Gandhi, the prime minister who sent in the army, was assassinated by an LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] suicide bomber. Yet, with its ambition to be recognised as a regional power with the right to sit in the UN Security Council, Delhi does not want anyone else, such as the US, muscling in either.

India moreover, fighting Pakistan backed militants in the Himalayan territory of Kashmir and separatists in its north-east, will not stand by and watch secession in Sri Lanka. Yet nor can it afford to be distracted in the south when it believes Pakistan could press down from the north, following the 50-day conflict last summer after an Islamabad-staged incursion in the Kashmiri mountains near Kargil.

Finally, India’s establishment is split. In particular, Atal Behari Vajpayee, the prime minister, cannot afford to upset the three Tamil parties in his unwieldy 25-party coalition. These three parties, secessionist in their origins, are nonetheless very wary of the LTTE’s influence on India’s 60m Tamils.”[5]

[Quote From Financial Times Ends Here]

There you have it. There are 60 million Tamils in India. There is a significant secessionist movement in Tamil-Nadu (the three Tamil parties in Vaypayee’s coalition -- all secessionist). The “peace process” in Sri Lanka will create a Tamil mini-state or quasi-state or de facto state in Sri Lanka. This will simultaneously encourage Tamil secessionists in India and will increase the power and influence of the Tigers in India’s Tamil-Nadu, which is already not insignificant. As the Financial Times points out, India is getting squeezed: conflict in the North with Pakistan and with the terrorist movement in Kashmir, which comes courtesy of the Pakistani ISI, a CIA creation that is responsible for the mujahedin (an international Islamist-terrorist movement) and the Taliban; and there will likely be conflict in the south as spillover of the violence in Sri Lanka.

India will be destroyed for the same reasons Yugoslavia was destroyed: (1) it is a large country with an independent foreign policy, and (2) its existence makes possible a Eurasian alternative to US power (in the case of Yugoslavia, it was Russia’s ally in Europe). Its destruction will further an overall goal of cutting up the world into smaller pieces, made manageable for US world domination, and of preventing large-power coalitions in Eurasia, which is the US’s main goal. Since, just like Yugoslavia, India is a complex, multi-ethnic country, the strategy followed in India’s destruction will be very similar: the US ruling elite will see to it that racism and civil war rend India to shreds.



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Footnotes and Further Reading

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