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The Freezer Truck Hoax
How NATO framed the Serbs

Historical and Investigative Research - 2 Dec 2005;
by Francisco Gil-White


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8   The frame-up:
  The last Timocka article


We have posted the last Timocka article, published on May 1, 2001, here:

In this article, all sorts of statements were here attributed to Zivadin Djordjevic in order to create a media storm that would bring forth the proper climate for the illegal abduction and subsequent shipping of President Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague. The details that are crucial, however, are three:

1) The claim that the truck was from Pec, in Kosovo;

2) The claim that the whole thing had been declared a state secret; and

3) The claim that people who saw the truck were told to spread a rumor that the bodies in the truck really belonged to Kurds fleeing West from Romania (i.e. not Albanians massacred in Kosovo).

There are several problems with this new story.

The first is that Zivadin Djordjevic, the main source for the entire story, and the man whose allegedly quoted statements make up about half of the article (when he is not being paraphrased), "denied some parts of the interview"![1]

The second problem is that nothing, in fact, ever came of policeman Dragan Karleusa’s supposed 'investigation,' which confirmed exactly zero of the allegations, as I will now show.

Shortly after the story broke, Karleusa and Co., who, we are told, were conducting an investigation, made public their claims that bodies of massacred Kosovo Albanians had supposedly turned up, including from the supposed freezer truck, at Petrovo Selo and Batajnica (emphases below are mine):

[Quote From Deutsche Presse Agentur]

"The grave, near a Yugoslav Army (VJ) commando training camp in Petrovo Selo, contains the remains of between 20 and 25 bodies, mostly men, the Belgrade television BKTV reported, showing footage and exhumation work from the site.

Elsewhere, near Belgrade, work was underway on another mass grave, with the 86 bodies that were spirited out of Kosovo more than two years ago in a refrigerated truck. The remains of those 86 people were first dumped into the Danube in March 1999, then secretly reburied on another VJ training ground, near the Belgrade suburb of Batajnica.

Both sites were presumed to contain remains of Kosovo Albanians killed during the 1998-1999 conflict in the province and brought to Serbia in an effort to destroy traces of war crimes. There was no indication yet of the possible number of victims."[2]

[Quote Ends Here]

Notice: "Both sites were presumed to contain remains of Kosovo Albanians killed during the 1998-1999 conflict..." Thank God for occasional candor. Doesn't this mean that the Serbs are presumed guilty?

But in fact there were zero grounds for any such presumption, as we shall see next.

No massacred bodies, no Albanian bodies, no bodies from the truck... What is Milosevic doing at The Hague?

For starters, consider that the bodies in Petrovo Selo were reported elsewhere as being casualties from World War II. Here is Milosevic cross-examining Karleusa:

[From The Hague Tribunal Transcript]

"MILOSEVIC: ...And are you aware that at that time...it was published in regard to Petrovo Selo that those mass graves date back to 1945 or 1955 when there was some sort of liquidation operation after the Second World War. I don't know what exactly it refers to. Do you know about that?

KARLEUSA: No, I don't...

MILOSEVIC: Was it established to what time these graves in Petrovo Selo date back?

KARLEUSA: I don't know whether that has been established..."[3]

[Quotation Ends Here]

Policeman Dragan Karleusa seems not to know anything related to his own investigation. This by itself speaks volumes. But if conflicting reports said that the mass graves at Petrovo Selo were from WWII, and if Karleusa's investigation had not bothered to clarify the date of these graves, then these mass graves in Petrovo Selo can hardly be used as evidence against the Serbs.

And so, if, at this late hour, after months of court activity at The Hague, the graves that were "presumed" (!) to contain recently massacred Albanians had not even been dated yet, then why was Milosevic ever made prisoner?

"But what about Batajnica?" you may ask.

Ah, yes. What about Batajnica? After all, according to Interior Minister Mihajlovic, this is the mass grave where the supposed bodies from that infamous, supposed, freezer truck supposedly ended up, though he neglected to explain what evidence might connect the supposed grave and the supposed truck.[4]

To this day, as Karleusa admitted under cross-examination, there is not a single reason to think that the Batajnica bodies (if they exist) have anything to do with the freezer truck (if it existed). Let's see:

[From The Hague Tribunal Transcript]

JUDGE MAY: …Let the witness deal with the matter because it's serious. What is being suggested is that this truck did not contain corpses from Kosovo but was in fact part of an operation to smuggle people, and so the identification with Kosovo is incorrect. Now, Mr. Karleusa, you carried out this investigation. Would you  like to comment on the suggestion which is now made, that you're mistaken about this and really this was just part of a smuggling operation.

KARLEUSA: ...We did not make any judgments about the origins of the corpses…In the communiqués, we said we had no basis for concluding that the corpses belonged to people who came from Kosovo...

MILOSEVIC: All right. Can I continue, Mr. May?

JUDGE MAY: Well, in fact, the witness should go on to deal with  this: Did you then have information as to where the corpses came from after the exhumation?

KARLEUSA: ...according to the results that were obtained by the expert team that carried out the exhumation in the territory of Batajnica...we did not come to the conclusion that these were bodies that were transported from Tekija or, rather, from the refrigerator truck mentioned...Therefore, we do not know where these bodies actually come from.[5]

[Quotation Ends Here]

And not only that. This ‘head of the investigation,’ this Karleusa, stated that he did not even know whether the cause of death of the bodies supposedly found at Batajnica had been established! See for yourself:

[From The Hague Tribunal Transcript]

MILOSEVIC: All right. Do you know what the results of the analysis were after the exhumation of the corpses that were found in Batajnica?

KARLEUSA: I did not read the report of the expert team that carried out the exhumation...

MILOSEVIC: Is it true that until the present day the cause of death was not established?

KARLEUSA: Possibly. I did not read the report. The bodies were not identified...[6]

[Quotation Ends Here]

So Karleusa says that there are no grounds to conclude that these bodies are from the refrigerator truck, or even that they are from Kosovo, because the bodies have not been identified. In fact, even the cause of death has apparently yet to be established. This means two things:

1) Nobody has any right to say these bodies belong to Albanians.

2) Nobody has any right to say these people were massacred.

Therefore, nobody has any right to say that these are the bodies of massacred Albanians, much less those of Albanians massacred under Milosevic's orders. (Assuming these supposed bodies even exist.)

Notice also that Karleusa confesses that he didn't even read the report (this is the investigator!).

It may seem impossible to descend any further into absurdity. But so long as Karleusa has the floor, anything is possible. See for yourself:

[From The Hague Tribunal Transcript]

MILOSEVIC: ...everything that you mentioned in connection with Batajnica again has nothing to do with these corpses from the refrigerator body, because you did not - you did not find them yet and they were not exhumed.

KARLEUSA: As far as I know, according to the description provided by Mr. Radojkovic in terms of the number, characteristics, structure, et  cetera, it seems to me that we have not found these bodies…[6]

[Quotation Ends Here]

The investigator, Karleusa, confessed that the supposed bodies from the supposed freezer truck had never even been found. Not at Batajnica, not anywhere.

Let me ask this again: What exactly is Milosevic doing at The Hague?

By the way, I should point out that it is child's play to find mass graves in Serbia. The occupying Nazis had a policy of killing 100 Serb hostages for every German killed by the Yugoslav Partisans (who were mostly Serbs, as the Croats, the Bosnian Muslims, and the Albanians had largely allied with the Nazis),[7] and the war was in general very bloody, with Serbs suffering on a scale comparable only to that of the Russians and Jews, dying by the hundreds of thousands in death camps. Nobody should be surprised if the people who framed Milosevic did some digging and turned up mass graves.

But, of course, we don't even know if they really did...

In other words, that any mass graves were excavated could also be a lie. After all, consider what has been established. The freezer-truck story broke in April 2001 and Karleusa was then appointed to 'investigate.' He was cross-examined by Milosevic in July 2002, which is one and a half years later. And yet Karleusa says that the graves have not been dated, the bodies have not been identified, their origin is still unknown, and the cause of death has still not been determined... But we are supposed to believe that they really have some mass graves?

And Milosevic has to answer for these unidentified and possibly nonexistent 'bodies'! Why?

Well, if you don't understand why, you haven't grasped NATO physics. In NATO physics, when something does not happen it is always the fault of the Serbs. Therefore, the Serbs will be held responsible for all the massacres that didn't happen, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


As is becoming obvious from the above, there never was an investigation. This is perfectly natural, because the supposed massacres never happened, and Milosevic's accusers knew this perfectly well, so they naturally saved themselves a lot of time and never investigated a thing.

In the next section, I establish beyond all doubt that there was never an investigation.

»» Continue to part 9:

Footnotes and Further Reading

[2] Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 16, 2001, Saturday, International News, 436 words, ROUNDUP: Another mass grave of Kosovo victims found in Serbia, Belgrade

[3] Court Transcript for Tuesday, 23 July 2002; pp.8406-8407

[4] “…‘There are two other possible locations,’ Mihajlovic said responding to a question at a press conference. He declined further details, except to confirm that the mass grave near Belgrade contained ‘not only the bodies from the truck.’ The investigation was turned over to justice officials last week. ‘A team of experts, formed by the Belgrade Institute for Judicial Medicine is doing the work now,’ he said, adding that it would be a ‘very long investigation.’” Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 5, 2001, Tuesday, International News, 333 words, Mihajlovic: Three mass graves of Kosovo victims in Serbia, Belgrade

A month later, DPA reported a little more on this ‘investigation’:  “The existence of three mass graves with Albanian bodies in them has so far been officially confirmed. Two are in eastern Serbia, near Kladovo, and one is in the Belgrade suburb of Batajnica.” Deutsche Presse-Agentur, July 4, 2001, Wednesday, International News, 271 words, Another mass grave found in Serbia - report, Belgrade

[5] Court Transcript for Tuesday, 23 July 2002; pp.8413- 8414


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[7] Hilberg, R. 1985 [1961]. The destruction of the European Jews. New York: Holmes & Meier. (pp. 686-688)





















































































































































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