sports, race, and IQ...

'Blacks' do not have a genetic advantage in sports.

'Blacks' do not have a genetic intellectual disadvantage.

Human races do not exist.

The IQ literature is a series of frauds.


Some academics and others peddle pseudo-science in order to allege that blacks are good at sports and bad at thinking. Resurrecting Racism answers them with proper science. The first half of the book shows that blacks do not have superior sports ability and that biologists, using the latest genetic data, have concluded that human races do not exist, contrary to what racists would like to believe. The second half of the book (beginning in chapter 6) traces the history of IQ testing, documenting that the IQ literature was built by committing outright fraud. IQ 'research' has been used to allege that blacks have inferior 'intelligence,' but those who developed the IQ literature turned the purpose of the original tests upside down, twisted their statistics, made up their math, and invented nonexistent researchers, publishing fake studies under phony names. These 'researchers' were also the major propagandists of the eugenics movement, which movement is responsible for creating the German Nazis. This is also documented in the second half of Resurrecting Racism, as is the fact that today's IQ 'researchers' continue this fraudulent and dangerous tradition.


Resurrecting Racism
The modern attack on black people using phony science

2004 Francisco Gil-White

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.

The claim that “black athletes dominate sports” misuses the sports data.

Recently, journalist Jon Entine has written a book defending the claim that “black athletes dominate sports,” which he says is demonstrated by the Olympic performance of African athletes. The claim is false. What is true is that members of some small populations, widely scattered in Africa, are good at some specific sports, whereas members of other African populations underperform in the very same sports, as shown in this chapter by adducing the very evidence that Jon Entine mistakenly thinks supports his own case.

Chapter 2.

Those who say human races exist contradict the biological definition of ‘race.’

Jon Entine tries hard to convince his readers that human races exist, the better to convince them that there is a ‘black’ race with a biological advantage in sports. Contrary to popular opinion, however, there are no sharp boundaries in human variation: human traits vary smoothly. Since biologists require sharp boundaries or ‘discontinuities’ in order to say that a species has races or ‘subspecies,’ it follows that there are no human races. Because most people are unaware that what they view as races do not have sharp boundaries, and also unaware of the way biologists define ‘race,’ those who argue that races exist -- such as Jon Entine -- can get away with the false claim that science supports the notion of a ‘black,’ ‘white,’ and ‘yellow race.’ This chapter explains how biologists define ‘race’ and how the likes of Jon Entine misuse this word, knowing that the lay public has no defense.

Chapter 3.

Those who say human races exist misrepresent thought processes as reality and disregard the genetic data.

Sharp genetic boundaries between populations within a species are a requirement if biologists are to speak of races. Attempting to get around the problem that human populations are not separated by sharp genetic boundaries, Jon Entine offers a creative solution: he re-defines race as not requiring sharp boundaries and tells people that if you think you see a race, its there. This chapter explains the genetic data that have led biologists to conclude that there are no subspecies -- i.e. ‘races’ -- in the human species, and it shows how Jon Entine pretends that the same data supposedly support his case.

Chapter 4.

Claiming human races exist, an 'expert witness' ignores genetics and embraces incoherence.

Jon Entine and other race enthusiasts put forth Vincent Sarich, a biological anthropologist, as their leading expert. Sarich claims to prove that human races exist using arguments about chimps and dogs, even though these arguments fail to support his claims.  He also ignores the human genetic data, even though he is supposed to be a biological anthropologist. Is this because the genetic data do not support his case?

Chapter 5.

The new ‘race scientists’ want us to view everything in terms of…race.

Does that mean they’re racists?

Chapter 6.

What are IQ tests really about? Not about ‘intelligence’ as the IQ-testers define this word.

IQ-testers claim to have shown that so-called ‘black’ people are less intelligent. This is a fraud. First, because IQ-testers have completely misused the tests that Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon created, and which became the basis of all IQ testing. Second, because IQ-testers have faked their data, used phony statistics, and even invented nonexistent researchers whose nonexistent studies were published under phony names, as this chapter, and the next, will document. Jon Entine devotes about 10% of his book to defending IQ-testers. Why does he?

Chapter 7.

‘Intelligence testing’ as a tool of the eugenic program of extermination.

It is not by coincidence that 'intelligence testing' is connected with the history of eugenic extermination programs. Rather, it was the architects of these eugenic programs who created 'intelligence testing' so that they could appear to be doing science while they attacked those categories of people whom they hated. Such programs had limited success in Britain in the first half of the 20th century, but in the United States they were a roaring success -- and then, even more so, in Germany. This chapter documents the origin and development of IQ testing as part and parcel of the eugenics movement -- the same movement that produced German Nazism. This is what Jon Entine is defending.

Chapter 8.

Eugenics and the World War I ‘intelligence tests’ in the US Army.

Eugenics had become quite mainstream by the time the US entered World War I, in 1917. So the US government felt comfortable treating the entire US military as a laboratory for eugenics. Phony ‘intelligence tests’ were thus duly created by the leading psychologists, who were also the leading eugenicists, and they were administered by means of an assembly line process at the rate of 200,000 per month. Not surprisingly, the tests were designed so that those who were familiar with the pop culture of the upper classes would score highest. These would become the officer class; the rest would be given the worst jobs in the army.

Chapter 9.

Top IQ-tester Henry E. Garrett, WWII, and the effort to preserve segregation.

Henry Edward Garrett, at the pinnacle of academic psychology in the United States, helped design the AGCT ‘intelligence tests’ that were given to around 12 million soldiers during WWII. According to Garrett's own court testimony in a school desegregation case, it was with “statistical shenanigans” that he had obtained the purported result that black recruits were less intelligent than the white. But that did not stop him from insisting that the result was valid, and that segregation was just. The case in which he did so went all the way to the Supreme Court as one of several cases that got bundled and called “Brown vs. Board of Education,” which appeal defeated the legal sanction to American apartheid. There are uncanny similarities between the arguments of eugenicists such as Henry E. Garrett, and those of Jon Entine, though Entine delivers them in an updated style.

Chapter 10.

Modern ‘intelligence testing’ and Entine’s defense of it

IQ testing at the turn of the twenty-first century is not any different than it was a hundred years ago: it is a fraud. Modern IQ testers are still using incoherent logic and non-evidence to allege that black people are supposedly inferior intellects and that as a result their continued suffering is supposedly their own fault, not to be blamed on a racist society. Jon Entine goes out of his way to defend modern IQ testers. This chapter examines Jon Entine's arguments, and also the arguments of those he defends.

Chapter 11.

Who is behind the current onslaught of racist pseudo-science?

A great deal of the racist pseudo-science attacking blacks and other minorities has been sponsored by something called the Pioneer Fund, an outfit tracing its roots to the American eugenics movement of the first half of the twentieth century. But Pioneer is hardly alone; it has some powerful allies. For example, the New York Times, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream American media. Jon Entine is a cog in this system: he defends the Pioneer Fund, and in fact produces an apology for fascism. Not surprisingly, his friends all turn out to be public racists.